New “Game of Thrones” Season Six Trailer Released!

Well, it was definitely worth the wait! Check out our first real glimpse of Season Six in this breathtaking new trailer!

Well, HBO has out-done itself again with a trailer that is visually stunning as well as incredibly tantalizing. While critics will probably be breaking down every shot for weeks to come, it’s important to appreciate some of the most interesting moments right off the bat. Here’s a few screen-grabs that drew our eye.


The trailer assured us that Jon Snow is still very dead…at least for the moment.


Dany looks to be in some dire straits. Let’s hope Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis find her soon!



It looks like Essos wasn’t as relaxing as Tyrion hope it would be.



Jaime and Cersei are reunited…but for how long?


We can assume the Boltons will continue to be a formidable foe, as evidenced by this gruesome scene and the large army behind it.


There’s a big battle brewing in the North. I feel it’s healthy to assume the Boltons are involved.


Looks like we’ll be back on Pyke this season. Kingsmoot anyone?


Speaking of a Kingsmoot, we got our first glimpse of Euron Greyjoy!


Lancel Lannister will be facing some stiff competition this season from the un-dead Mountain.


Theon and Sansa’s bid for freedom doesn’t look to be going well.



The words of Season Six might as well be, flashbacks are coming. Get ready for a young Ned Stark, and perhaps finally a clue into Jon Snow’s parentage.


Last but not least, this surprising reveal at the end of the trailer showed Bran Stark coming face to face with a White Walker. How? Why? Where? We have so many questions, and they all must wait until April. Season Six can’t get here soon enough!


What did you think of the first Game of Thrones trailer for Season Six? Comment below!



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