Wedding Scene Confirmed for Game of Thrones Season 3 (Spoilers)

Sun-Stars-Ring-300x225Warning: The following post contains heavy spoilers for the third season of Game of Thrones. If you haven’t read the third book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, or you you don’t wish to know details regarding the third season, then this post isn’t for you.


They’re going to need a good local wedding photographer for this one! Filming for the highly anticipated third season of Game of Thrones continues to be in full swing and news from the Croation publication The Dubrovnik Times has reported that production crews have arrived in the city and filming will take place from September 27 through October 7. In addition to the old section of Dubrovnik, the show will also use the Trsteno Arboretum just outside Dubrovnik and it is rumors that the Water Gardens of Dorne will be filmed there.Along with this news, the Game of Thrones fan site WinterIsComing has put together a short list of confirmed filming info that contains some very interesting details.
Here is the full list from WiC:
  • Sources report that Kit Harington was on set this week, in full costume, but still in a splint and using crutches. It looks like his injury hasn’t delayed filming too much
  • Liam Cunningham, our Davos Seaworth, tweeted on the 17th that he was finished filming for the year.
  • Josef Altin who plays Night’s Watchman Pyp, did only on day of filming, on the 11th. Pyp was left behind at Castle Black while Jon and the Rangers ventured beyond the Wall in season 2.
Other cast members such as Kristian Nairn and Carice van Houten have also mentioned being on set in the last two weeks. It appears that multiple storylines are being filmed at the same time in the studios this month. This would explain the sightings of Charles Dance, Julian Glover, and Iain Glenn together in the Belfast Airport last Friday. In addition to this list, WiC has received confirmation from a source who tells them that the wedding between Tyrion and Sansa has already been filmed and will appear in episode 8 of Season 3. This news is quite interesting for obvious reasons. Since the third book of the series will be split into seasons three and four, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding where next season will end and what will be included. Whether or not a certain “other wedding” will be filmed hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the news that Tyrion and Sansa’s wedding will be included is extremely exciting. The sightings of cast members in Belfast fit with the plot line of the wedding and would explain why Dance, Glover, and Iain Glenn were seen together. Speculation about Jon Snow’s storyline ending with his return to the wall seems to be holding true, with fan sites pointing to Altin’s one day of filming. Overall, Belfast is buzzing with Game of Thrones activity. Production will continue through October possibly ending right before November. Production winding down and that means that the premiere for season three on March 31 is getting closer and we might even get clip or teaser trailer just in time for the holidays.

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