THE YOUNG POPE Drops International Trailer


THE YOUNG POPE had been sitting quiet for a while, but has now generated an international trailer. So, you are thinking it is an HBO project so why the buzz overseas? Then you have forgotten that it is an international cinematic endeavor in which HBO is just one production company involved.

Italian director Paolo Sorrentino has created a ten-part work, which will be marketed in America via HBO as a limited series, with production partners from HBO, the UK ‘s Sky Atlantic and France’s Canal+. THE YOUNG POPE is about to begin its airing across Europe and has released its trailer at the Venice Film Festival going on now in Italy. At 1:53 at length the trailer gives a lot more detail than the previously seen tease clip as it fleshes out our title character Lenny Belardo played by Jude Law. It also gives us great atmosphere and tone to the series which we will eventually see on HBO. Take a long look yourself; I bet you will get drawn in.

I’ll admit that this writer is sold on the trailer alone. It is complete with cryptic dialogue, great visuals and edits, perfect accentuation from the score, accurate locations, setting and iconography and builds up the mystery quite nicely. Who is Lenny Belardo and how and why did he become the youngest Pontiff?  Is he fit and wise and just to be Pius XIII? He is a man clearly of vices and temptations and perhaps delusions of grandeur so what ills will he wrought in the name of his God? What monster has the Vatican created and what of his…revolution?

We will learn in time who and what he is, but we’ll have to wait. The trailer marks a premiere date of October 27. That is not HBO‘s premiere date, but the European air date for the series. One U.S. site has stated that HBO will not air here until much later. If states that THE YOUNG POPE will premiere on October 21, 2016 on Sky Atlantic in Italy and Germany, on October 27, 2016 in the United Kingdom, and in February 2017 on HBO in the United States. We will keep you posted when an actual date is locked in for its stateside debut.


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