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The Young Pope: “Episode Nine”

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Nothing makes me angrier than having to watch something about priests and finding out that they were sick and abhorrent child molesters. This episode was very unsettling, to say the least. A lot of plotlines to get though and none of them very ‘feel good.’ Well, perhaps at the end it wasn’t so bad.

Gutierrez (pictured right) just reminds me of a little lost soul, someone with no place to go, completely out of his element and down on his luck. Trying to build a case against someone in a powerful position is never easy, but he just keeps on finding that whatever evidence or witnesses he has just doesn’t seem to hold any weight and he is truly going through a crisis of conscience. One thing is for certain – he absolutely hates Archbishop Kurtwell. Can’t say I blame him – and he is so desperate that he tries to imply one witness to do some unseemly stThe-YoungPope_Gutierrez01-300x237uff…..but then bring back proof of set unseemly stuff. Yuck. Gutierrez stumbles on, drinking, wading through a bad headspace and feeling his vulnerability. This feels like David truly is up against Goliath.

And if Gutierrez’s drinking and self-loathing isn’t enough depression for you, let’s just return back to Rome and Lenny. Spencer is dying. He seems to be having a crisis of conscience right before his death and there is some weird imagery and flashback to seeing this caretaker’s wife and some lingering doubt about Billy’s mother. Hmmm? Lenny just happens to be in said weird flashback and wouldn’t you know it?! His very presence and praying results in a miracle!!! And guess what….going back to present day at Spencer’s deathbed, he finds out that Billy’s mother is (wait for it…) still living! And then the mommy issues come to light because Spencer reveals to Lenny that his own mother is alive. Oh, I’m sure there will a very happy family reunion down the road….then again, maybe not.

Oh, and Archbishop Kurtwell (pictured left) is a scumbag. I can’t think of enough horrible things to say about him and I want to see this man pay for his crimes against humanity. It really bothers me that there are people in positions of power and trust who abuse it – and this goes on daily – and I wish that all of them would be thrown in jail or be chemically castrated.

TheYoungPope_Kurtwell-300x275Let’s go back to dreary New York and Gutierrez. Well, perhaps it isn’t so bad after all. We all like to see the bad guys get their just desserts. Let’s just say that Gutierrez has an invitation for that monster Kurtwell. Something tells me this isn’t for afternoon tea with all the trimmings. One can hope for an all-out investigation, full of lawyers, files, mounting evidence and a shit-load of people who want to see justice (or is it revenge?). I want to see that smug look on Kurtwell’s face wiped off permanently. Like as in now. Five minutes ago. After all, we did get the chance to see a rather strange encounter in this episode: an odd looking guy with a very bright wig would pop up in the area where Gutierrez was. Coincidence? Right place at the right time or was this a case of a man who had something very compelling to reveal to Guiterrez and needed to get his attention? This episode literally made my skin crawl and to be honest, I just wanted to see justice done and see that brutish monster in jail, stripped of all his power.

Kurtwell, being a jackass and a huge jerk, doesn’t take too kindly to Lenny’s invite. Gee, I wonder why?! Yes, empty threats of having something on Lenny seem empty, especially when the audience finds out just what the damning evidence is. Letters. Love letters. Hardly the stuff of nightmares. Ha ha, Archbishop Kurtwell!! You wanted fireworks but it all just blew up in your face!!!


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