The Undoing: Whodunit?


The Undoing has taken us on a heck of a ride, following the murder of Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis) and tracking down who killed her. In a recent interview with Thrillist, Hugh Grant, who portrays the pediatric doctor Jonathan Fraser charged with Elena’s murder was particularly cagey about the finale. Wanting to keep everything as under wraps as possible, Grant assures “nothing is more delicious than the lives of the privileged unraveling” and we’ve gotten that in spades so far. With the recent sociopathic and murder weapon revelation, we have to ask: who done it?!

TheUndoing_Pic2.-300x264Jonathan is still the primary suspect, but there’s reason to believe this could change. Based on the novel You Should Have Known by Jean Hanff Korelitz, the story has already deviated from the novel after the first two episodes. The character of Jonathan bolts in the book and doesn’t return, meaning less of Hugh Grant’s charming smarminess if the show followed that formula. And wouldn’t that have been disappointing? As with Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies, HBO is no stranger to going off book so it’s possible they’ll throw us for a loop. That being said, I can’t imagine it’s anyone besides Jonathan. His mother confirmed he’s a sociopath with no guilt for essentially killing his sister. I can only assume the murder weapon reveal is from Henry (Noah Jupe) attempting to protect his father, though they could flip this script and have the father protecting the son.Screen-Shot-2020-11-24-at-7.55.32-AM-300x186

Henry admits to Grace (Nicole Kidman) that he saw Elena and his father together outside of school and how casual his father was, not even caring that Henry saw. Is that enough to make a kid snap? Grace felt like Henry was hiding something from her, which she eventually finds in his violin case, but what if he’s hiding more? He’s clearly upset his family is being torn apart and wants to do what he can to patch everyone back up. Could he have followed his father, heard them have sex, wait until he left, and then confronted Elena? He doesn’t seem like a kid with a ton of rage but you also don’t know what will happen if someone feels their world is crashing around them. Perhaps he did the deed, dad realized, and is helping him cover it up? Does sociopathy run in genetics? Asking for a friend…

TheUndoing_Ep3Pic-300x252Though the cameras cleared her continuing on her walk, is there a possibility that Grace could have done it? With her walking around and “clearing her head,” I wonder if she’s found a way to compartmentalize and dissociate from everything. She always felt her parents had a perfect marriage but dad finally reveals he was a cheater, a serial cheater, always buying his way back to his wife. I have wonder how in all that time as a kid she never picked up on cheating vibes….or maybe she did, but because she idolizes her father she dissociates that in her head. It’s not a solid theory but I’ve seen it floating around. That Henry is helping cover for her but neither of them even realizes she’s the killer. It doesn’t have a lot of legs to stand on, but it would be a good twist.  donald-sutherland

Alternatively, another good twist would be Franklin’s (Donald Sutherland) involvement. While he has a pretty tame conversation with his daughter when he reveals giving money to Jonathan, his conversation with the Reardon principal is anything but tame. He can be a bully and a menace if he wants and has the pockets to support it. People with money can get away with plenty, even murder if they can buy the right person to do it. He could have had Jonathan followed, waited until he left after having sex with Elena as he said, had Elena murdered, and the weapon returned to him for safekeeping. He could have hidden it himself or again, Henry is helping cover up for someone in the family. Some of these theories definitely have more weight than others, but quite honestly, the show has been so intense I could see them throwing anything out there to throw us for a loop. My money is still on J-team for the kill but I’m so curious if that’s how it’s gonna go. Who do you think killed Elena Alves?

We find out all the answers when The Undoing airs its final episode, entitled “The Bloody Truth,” Sunday, November 29 at 9:000pm ET.

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