The Investigation Ep. 5: “A Whole Person”


The investigators and search/rescue teams involved in the Kim Wall case bring literal meaning to the expression ‘fine-toothed comb’.  Despite having recovered a severed body and a suspect with an ever-changing story in custody, there is the possibility that the ordeal was an accident. Every permutation of evidence and theories must be analyzed and scrutinized. The mentally and physically exhaustive nature of investigations causes professional and personal turmoil. The professionals become frustrated with the case and their colleagues are tempted to shoehorn and mend evidence together to fit a narrative to just close the frustrating case.  Their families are shorted on quality time due to the demands of the cases. A Whole Person features scenes where the investigative team is on the brink of decaying performance when they all collectively are rejuvenated by one common annoyance: The brazenness of the suspect.

The suspect is unseen to the viewer, but we see the effects of his endless lies.  A young woman’s severed remains have been found at the bottom of the sea, and the suspect has supplied different accounts of what led to her demise. Even if he were innocent of ill-intent, his lies make the case more difficult to close. The suspect’s latest claim is that the hatch did not hit the journalist’s head as previously stated. Now the hatch plays a different role; it slammed shut and caused the TheInvestigation_Ep06Pic-300x205journalist to die of asphyxiation. The flamboyance of the suspect’s ego and lack of respect for the deceased and her family reaches the search and rescue team and recharges their efforts. Using radar readings from the Coast Guard, it is revealed that the submarine deviated off its normal course; yet another lie exposed.

“If we find something, you will be the first to know.”  This is Detective Møller’s standard retort to prying journalists seeking information on the “Submarine Case”, and that promise is fulfilled in this episode. A Whole Person features an impromptu press conference where Møller exposes the constant deceit of the suspect. The look of disgust is evident on the faces of the deceased’s fellow journalists. Now whenever the suspect changes his story as more evidence is uncovered, the public will know.

A forensic computer scientist discovers the accused was watching a violent snuff film before the submarine voyage. The film contains scenes analogous to what happened to the victim. Møller and Chief Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen must find iron-clad evidence of a motive to combine with the case’s hard evidence.

Despite knowing the outcome of this case, The Investigation remains gripping through its performances and superb direction. The series continues to give audiences gold-standard HBO programming (by way of TV 2) and respect to those involved with and affected by the investigation of Kim Wall’s wrongful death.

We wrap it all up with the final episode which airs Monday, March 08 on HBO. 

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