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The Investigation Ep. 3: “The Hunt”

by Travlis Hallingquest
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Episode three of the HBO acquired TV2 series The Investigation, is titled “The Hunt.”  In 2012, Tobias Lindholm penned a script with the same title; here, Lindholm’s direction and writing give us the series’ most emotional entry to date as the crime hunts for answers. It picks up immediately from the previous episode’s startling revelation:  The body of a female has washed ashore on a beach in Amager, Denmark! 

Detective Møller and his team now potentially have the partial remains of the missing victim in their evidence repository. While awaiting DNA analysis to be compared to hair follicles extracted from the missing person’s brush, another problem arises. For without the limbs and head, the cause of death cannot be determined. The coroner and detectives quickly realize that the accused can still use the accidental death excuse; maintaining the unlikely but plausible scenario of the victim being hit on the head by a hatch. “The Hunt” features several expansive scenes of the determined but wearied search team combing the waters for the remaining body parts. The lead of the search party feels guilty for not finding the remains and pushing his workers to accomplish an all but impossible task.   The physical and mental well-being of dozens are being risked for one deceased person, yet the outcome of justice for the family rests on their findings.


We need answers, Jen.

Møller takes the coroner photos of the torso to the victim’s parents, who solemnly confirm that the physical traits are of their daughter’s. This is later confirmed with the return of the DNA results. Møller has a brief encounter with his daughter from his first marriage. She unapologetically asks why is he reaching out now? Is it due to the missed birthdays, her pregnancy, or something else? The answer is for ALL of those reasons. Møller’s daughter is around the same age and shares many of the physical traits of the victim. The case is hitting the detective on a personal level, and he desperately wants to provide a sense of closure for the victim’s parents. It remains to be seen if the name of the victim (Kim Wall) will be said at any point in the series.

During an evening of quail hunting, Møller’s dog retrieves the downed game and causes his owner to have an epiphany. Cadaver dogs. The use of cadaver dogs on an ocean setting seemed rather ridiculous when first presented to Møller but, the investigative process is all about going through every possibility and every permutation of said possibility. When the diving supervisor says that the resources are only available for 1-2 days more of searching, Møller reaches out to neighboring police departments to utilize their cadaver dogs. What does he have to lose? 

The Investigation continues Monday, February 21 at 10pm on HBO.

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