Second Full Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer

At the Apple event today HBO made, quite possibly the biggest announcement in the modern television era.  That a service called HBO Now would be launching in under a month, a service that requires no cable contract at all, costs 14.99 per month and gives you access to everything HBO Go gives you.

But once you’ve picked up your jaw from the floor on that one, you’ve probably still got a hankering for Game of Thrones season 5, right?  Well, Apple dropped a new TRAILER as well.  If you haven’t seen the first trailer watch that but here’s the latest:

We’ll update with HBO’s official version once they’ve dropped it!  If this one goes down check it out at iTunes (Quicktime required).



The trailer is a thrilling new look at Season Five, revealing new locations, characters, and plot-lines. Let’s break it down:


The trailer opens with a stunning shot of King’s Landing, before quickly cutting to several scenes, as Daenerys’ voice intones, “Lannister…Baratheon… Stark….Tyrell…. They’re all just spokes on a wheel.”cH7lBZv



Accompanying Daenerys’ list of names, we see a brief shot of Cersei Lannister, before thetrailer than cuts to Stannis Baratheon with Melisandre and the Night’s Watch, and then cuts again to Sansa Stark.



The screen fades again, and we see Arya Stark, lying down, a coin in her hand. Finally, as Daenerys speaks the words, “Tyrell,” Margaery Tyrell appears on screen, clutching tightly to someone’s waist.


The trailer cuts to a quick shot of Daenerys’ throne room, as the Khaleesi murmurs the words that all the houses are merely spokes on a wheel, before the trailer quickly cuts to a battle scene, in which we see the Unsullied, led by Grey Worm fighting against a multitude of foes.

As the trailer continues with a montage of clips from the upcoming season, Daenerys’ speaks on, “This one’s on top…than that one’s on top…and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground.”



The trailer than shows a tall bridge, with an entire town atop it, and as the camera pans in, we see Varys and a bearded Tyrion Lannister walking through the throng of people that fill the bridge.



Suddenly, we see what appears to be the wedding ceremony of Margaery and Tommen. The couple kiss before the trailer changes to an angry mob destroying barrels, and then to Daenerys, a large crowd behind her. The trailer cuts again to Unsullied, spear-men, and then to masked men slitting someone’s throat.


The trailer shifts from Essos to the far north of Westeros, and we see a small row boat with several men in it including Jon Snow, Tormund Giantsbane, and Stannis Baratheon. The boat draws near to a small snowy  town by the sea.


“I’m not going to stop the wheel….” declares Daenerys, as we see Tyrion staring up in awe at the sky, seeing a massive dragon.



The trailer swiftly changes to a shot of Ramsay Bolton kissing Myranda’s neck, and then to Sansa Stark walking in what appear to be the crypts of Winterfell, holding a candle.




“I’m going to break the wheel,” Daenerys finishes, as we see her sitting above a fighting pit, where warriors are fighting.


Suddenly, we see a shot of an enormous green dragon (whom book readers will know as Rhaegal), blowing fire into the camera before the shot shifts to Stannis and Melisandre.


The trailer shows a hand close to a map, covered in Bolton sigils, and then Roose Boltons voice speaks. “Stannis Baratheon has an army at Castle Black.” Roose says, “He means to take the North.” We see Stannis and Melisandre looking at a map, and then horses coming through a gate.

“This is the time,” Stannis says in a voice over, “and I will risk everything.” We see Stannis riding through a camp, and then again, talking to Davos.


The camera cuts to shots of wildlings loosing arrows from inside of some sort of fortification. Then, Jon Snow’s voice is heard “Winter is coming…and we know what’s coming with it.” Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne are shown briefly, and then we see several shots of Jon, talking and then pulling out his sword.


Tormund walks through a crowd of wildlings, before the trailer flashes through several intense battle scenes. Jon continues, “We can learn to live with the wildlings, or we can add them to the army of the dead.”


Blood drips from a finger, the golden harpy statue falls, we see Arya briefly.


We hear a new voice, speak, “You are a few, and we are many.” After a quick shot of Sansa, we see the voice is that of the High Sparrow. We see Tommen surrounded by men in black robes, and his own King’s Guard. Both have weapons drawn.



“We serve the gods, and the gods demand justice,” says the High Sparrow, as several images flicker by–a quick shot of Tyrion, men in black robes, a scuffle that seems to involve Loras.

There are than several more intense montages of battle in Mereen, and then a quick shot of Daenerys being escorted somewhere as Unsullied protect her with shields.


Daario Naharis’ voice speaks over the trailer, “Clean this city out, so the rats have nowhere left to hide,” as we see several shots of the Unsullied, many men in gold masks, and a quick look at the Sand Snakes of Dorne. As Daario finishes speaking, we see him, Daenerys, and Missandei in a fighting pit, surrounded by men in gold masks.


The trailer than shows the Sand Snakes in the desert. One whips a bucket off a man who has been buried in the ground’s head. We see Jaime fighting with his left hand, and then a quick shot of Daenerys again.


Then the scene changes to Daenerys lying in bed with a shirtless Daario.  We see another shot of Brienne, and then a strange girl with a long braid. The camera cuts to Tyrion, with a hood over his head, and then to Ellaria, surrounded by spears.


Horse-riders gallop somewhere quickly. Brienne fights a man on horse-back. The trailer than shifts quickly to what appears to be Bronn fighting and then Missandei kissing Grey Worm’s lips.


The trailer then shifts to a girl lying in the snow looking frightened, cutting to, Margaery running in a door, and then cutting again to what appears to be wildlings boarding several row-boats.


We then see Jon Snow charging into battle, his sword held aloft.

As the trailer ends, we see a crow landing on a corpse as Daario says to Daenerys, “All rulers are either butchers, or meat.”  paMcJF4

The trailer then cuts to an amazing view of Drogon, grown to enormous size, perched on the ledge of a roof as Daenerys stares up at him. The trailer ends as Drogon launches himself from the roof, and  flies away over the city of Mereen.


Overall, this is an amazing trailer that offers many new insights into Season Five. What was your favorite part?


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