Matt Damon to Colbert: “It’s Not TV. It’s HBO.”

Last week on the Colbert Report Behind the Candelabra’s Matt Damon tried to save Stephen from an overturned vending machine. The ungrateful host decied to take jabs at the award winning actor as blood leaked from his crushed body. Needless to say Matt reminded him that HBO isn’t just TV. Here’s the clip:

Colbert: And those Bourne films were a few years ago now… what have you been doing lately?

Damon: I will have you know that HBO’s Behind the Candelabra with Michael Douglas recieved 15 Emmy nominations…

Colbert: Yeah but that’s TV.

Damon: It’s not TV. It’s HBO.

Colbert: Matt, it’s TV.


I think you know whose side we’re on in this one! You tell ’em Matt! Congratulations on the pile of Emmy nominations and next time you run into Stephen Colbert in a life threatening situation… just walk on by.

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