Kenny Powers Rises from the Ashes Like a Motherfu&@ing Pheonix – Updated



Update: Just wanted to add yet another little video clip to the mix. This one is called Hog Tease.



Just last year we found ourselves regretfully reporting on what we thought was the series finale of Eastbound and Down.  But some time ago HBO announced that Kenny Powers would return for a fourth, new, encore season of the irreverent comedy series in 2014.  He’s coming back, bitches!

Now, HBO is teasing the new series with a pair of trailers.  The first is a retrospective of season three with mostly scenes from that installment:

And the newest trailer, released this weekend shows Kenny Powers ON FIRE rising from the ashes like a motherfu@%ing PHEONIX:

Looks like they may have used some of that Game of Thrones special effects budget to get this one done for the fans.

Eastbound and Down Season 4 (the REAL final season) premieres September 29th at 10PM.  That’s right after Boardwalk Empire for those looking at their calendars.

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