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Eastbound and Down: Season 4, Episode 2

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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Episode 2 of season 4 has been my absolute favorite since season one and it all boils down to one man. Stevie Janowski. At the end of episode one, we saw Kenny triumphantly neck copious amounts of drugs and declare his return to baseball. Thank God, the boring slave to the wage Kenny Powers is now well and truly deceased.

Episode 2 opens with Stevie doing a food shop with his four Mexican children who are horrendously out of control and literally every parent’s worst nightmare. He argues with them, they tell him to fuck off while knocking over cans and throwing bags of crisps all over the store. Kenny and Stevie’s relationship appears to be quite rocky and they two of them duel in Stevie’s back garden, as he tells Kenny he can no longer be his loyal servant because he has four Mexican kids.

Kenny is offered a guest slot on Sports Sesh with Guy Young (Marino) which involves lively debate about sports news and events. Kenny, seeing this as his almighty return to stardom pulls on his snake skin boots, his black shirt and jeans and slicks back his mullet like a true hero. He confidently arrives on set only to be humiliated by Dontel Benjamin who is not only massively obnoxious, but a gigantic dick head to all other guests on the show. He won’t let anyone else talk, he shoots Kenny down calls April a stripper and just generally pisses everyone off.

eastbound13_08__1381443457_93.107.148.139Kenny, who believes his television appearance was a success learns from his close “friends” that it was in fact a total failure and he completely bombed. However, Guy asks Kenny to take Dontel down on the next episode of Sports Sesh and if anyone can insult someone and yell about sports, it’s Kenny fucking Powers.

Like a beacon of light, a ray of hope, the gold at the end of the rainbow, Stevie strolls into Kenny’s garden as a self proclaimed ‘cunt’ and announces his return as Kenny’s loyal assistant, to help and guide him back to stardom. A promising Rocky style montage follows as Stevie prepares Kenny for his second appearance on television, he gets fitted for a suit, he shoots hoops, he works on his come backs and he strolls, gloriously back onto the set. He is sexy (yes, SEXY), powerful, confident, the most heroic we have seen him two whole seasons but you can’t help but be filled with dread that he is going to completely blow it. April and Stevie sit in the crowd cheering him on as he reels off insult after side splitting insult in true Kenny Powers style to an embarrassed Dontel, who can’t get a word in edgeways. The tension is almost too much to bear as you wait, with utter dread, for Kenny to say something horrendously racist and ruin everything for himself. Dontel leaves the set with his tail between his legs and Kenny revels in his glory, a hero, a star once more.

He’s back. More powerful than ever and there ain’t nothing gonna stand in his way.

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