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Eastbound and Down S4 Episode 3

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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girl-ebdThe end of episode two saw Kenny riding high on the waves of applause from his triumph on Sports Sesh. Guy Young offered Kenny a regular spot on the show and episode three begins as he rejoices with April and Stevie on the way back to the car. The tone of episode three shifts quite dramatically as Kenny readjusts to his second chance at fame. Stevie pathetically continues to whinge about his small dick not being able to get hard (a recurring joke that is beginning to try my patience) so Kenny decides to treat his family, Stevie’s family and the family of their boring friends to a weekend at a waterpark, telling them that a perk of his job is free entry to the park all year round.

One of the episodes greatest moments was when Kenny revisited his brother Dustin and his family, suffice to say they were not pleased to see him as he barges into their home, apologising and inviting them on his waterpark adventure holiday. April gets excited but Dustin shoots the idea down, telling Kenny to get out his house, I hope we see Dustin again after this unfortunate exchange, I truly miss John Hawkes being a regular part of the show.

So off the families go for a jolly old time at the waterpark. They all start doing shots, drinking cocktails and soon enough, things start to get out of hand. Not with Kenny though, April throws back the shots like its water and is about to do a beer bong with a couple of ‘dudes’ when her insanely annoying friend Dixie tells her to think of the children as she storms off to get Kenny.

Kenny, meanwhile is drifting in his rubber ring hiding his arousal at a young, beautiful girl approaching the waterslide. His day dreaming is interrupted as Dixie marches over, demanding Kenny comes to sort out his wife, who passes out almost immediately as he head flumps onto the pillow. Looking at his two sleeping children and his passed out wife, he receives a text from Stevie informing him of a party in the bar. While down there, he is introduced to the beautiful girl from the waterslide, Jessie, by her disgusting twin brother Jason. She clearly has a crush on him and during a cocaine fuelled party he learns that Jessie is quite keen on getting down and dirty with him that night. He denies her advances and she instinctively backs off as he tells her he has responsibilities as a husband and a father now, while he is flattered he must decline her generous offer. However, when he goes back to his room and gazes again at his family he returns to her to take her up on the offer. However, she denies him. A bit of an annoying back and forth situation, I think we all knew that he wasn’t going to turn down a free blow job, wife or no wife, that’s not the Kenny we know and love.

While it wasn’t a bad episode, it was a much slower, more serious episode. While Stevie has always been a bit of a joke, his out bursts often just have me wincing and wishing him to shut up declaring ‘Urgh he is SO disgusting!!’ it just seems to be reaching the point where it is starting to be annoying rather than funny. Episode two was so well written and hilarious, it was bound to be taken down a notch. Nothing really happened to advance the story, April got drunk, Kenny almost cheated and Stevie continues to disappoint his wife’s sexual needs. The thing that I love about Eastbound and Down is its ability to make me roll about on the floor with laughter and shock me to my core simultaneously, it seems every season has it’s token ‘blah’ episode. I hope, chapter 24 was it for now or we may have another uneventful and boring season on our hands, lest we forget the pointlessness of Mexico??

I want to be appalled, shocked and horrified. It’s the Kenny Powers way.

Here’s a preview for episode 4:

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