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Farewell Kenny Powers!

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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Well, it’s all over folks, Kenny Powers is finished and what a journey it has been. The final episode even had me choke up a bit at the end, as he confidently places the baseball down on the table and walks out of the room, leaving his finished screenplay and his fame behind him.
It was a jam packed episode and Kenny managed to right all of his wrong doings. He apologised to April and asked her to wait a week until she made up mind, finally about whether or not to divorce him and he apologised to his crew for being an asshole during the Christmas Special of Sports Sesh. However, there’s a new ego on the scene, the lispy, arrogant, disgusting Ronnie Thelman from the network in charge of Sports Sesh. He offers Kenny a new show, asking him to be the next Ellen. Of course Kenny takes it on and Ronnie asks for Guy Young to be his first guest. Little does Kenny know, Thelman’s intentions are to humiliate Guy on national television. Kenny, having tamed Guy back into trusting him goes against Thelman’s wishes, declares his love for April and apologises for wanting to have it all when he had it all in the wife and children he has now lost as April announces her move to Santa Fe.

Up until this point, the episode is pretty normal. There are a couple of laughs, an emotional epiphany and the possibility of a resolution, then something strange happens. April and Kenny reunite and in a silly twist of fate we are whisked through the next 50 years of Kenny’s life with a little help from Lindsey Lohan. We see Kenny’s screenplay turned into a film, his children graduate and get married and in a horrible Batman-esque scenario April is mugged and shot in an alleyway. Kenny, turns to a life of heroin addiction and squalor only to turn his life around in rehab. He moves to Africa where he falls in love with a beautiful native with whom they have hundreds of children. Kenny by now is ancient and his beard is long enough to make Gandalf envious and in his old age, he collapses in a field and dies. The scene ends as his ashes are scattered to the winds by his children. At this point I was yelling at the TV ‘I knew they would kill him off, I KNEW IT!’ I felt angry that everything came to an end in such a stupid and nonsensical manner that felt lazy and rushed. But no, how wrong I was. Kenny was just finishing his screenplay. Classic Kenny.

In actuality Kenny and April are together again and as she calls him outside, he exits the room. His laptop is on the desk, his baseball is next to it and his loving family are in the next room. He has made peace with Dustin and he appears to have finally accepted the life that he now has. Perhaps the future he predicts for himself in his screenplay isn’t far wrong after all, except for April dying and the Africa bit, that’s just stupid. Kenny has come a long way even since the beginning of the season, he has had it all and lost it all without realising he has done so. Lessons have been learned and he has come full circle to being the man he was at the beginning of the season, a husband and father without the arrogant celebrity part. While it has been left open for the possibility of a fifth season, I trust that this is the final chapter for Kenny and we won’t ever hear from him again, unless he does another endorsement for K-Swiss…

Goodbye Kenny, it’s been an emotional, hilarious roller coaster of a ride.

Cut to black.

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Ellie Wilkin December 6, 2013 - 6:18 am

I know right! I’m going to miss him so much!

MJ Snow December 2, 2013 - 4:51 pm

I’m almost as bummed about losing Kenny as I am about Richard Harrow. Kenny Powers, you were a fucking genius. You will not be forgotten.


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