A EASTBOUND AND DOWN Ramps Up the Star Power with Lindsay Lohan!


HBOWatch thought you’d like to know that everyone’s favorite actress of the moment Lindsay Lohan will grace us with a guest stint on the fourth and   final season of EASTBOUND AND DOWN. E! Online reported that Miss Lohan will take on the role of –

“the daughter of a main character on the show, and would appear as a bride in a wedding scene that takes place in the future.”

Just when she will show up and how well she will do in this riotous comedy is anybody’s guess. However, did you catch the one clue from the blub above as to what may possibly play out before the show’s end?

The acclaimed actress will appear in a scene that “takes place in the future” which leads me to speculate that either the final season jumps forward in time at some point from the action that transpired in Season Three or one of those gimmicky montages of what happens to all our players when they are elderly and/or dying takes place in the final moments.

Me, I am betting on the latter scenario playing out and we will get to see Kenny Powers as an old man kicking back Ensure and begging for a lap dance. We will have to wait and see. Either way keep your eyes peeled for Miss Lindsay Lohan when EASTBOUND & DOWN gets underway Sunday, 09.29.13. Who knows, next award season she could be up for Best Guest Appearance. (You did note the sarcasm throughout, right?)



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