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Eastbound and Down Season 4, Episodes 6 & 7

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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Oh Kenny, Kenny Kenny Kenny. What is going on?! Following on episode five, where Kenny didn’t turn up to the therapy session with April because he had a much more important date with a jet pack, April calls quits on their marriage. Kenny attempts to salvage something with a ‘Hey April, look how great your life is’ party which doesn’t go down well as its just another excuse for Kenny to show off how much money he has. He ultimately conquers Guy Young as while off stage Guy slams his audience, calling them names and generally being quite racist while his microphone was on resulting in an onslaught of boo-ing and yelling when he makes an appearance to start the show. Kenny leaves April and sets Dakota free.

Its Christmas in Shelby and Kenny is staying the executive suite in the city of Charlotte, he is having sex with a big boobed, ugly faced woman who is bent over, pressed up against a large floor to ceiling window. He does a huge line of cocaine and it becomes all too clear that Kenny and April are well and truly over, which ultimately means Kenny is now on self-destruct. He plans a Christmas special for Sports Sesh and his ridiculous demands result in his co-stars quitting on him. Meanwhile, Stevie has recently undergone a ridiculous procedure to enhance his chin. He, and Maria are officially the butt of all jokes, Maria with her horrendously obvious fake breasts and Stevie with his cartoon chin I literally have nothing else to say about them, apart from what the hell is that all about??!! Anyway, Kenny deduces to shut down ‘Taters and Tit’s putting Maria out of work and resulting in Stevie exploding at Kenny and quitting his job. In true Kenny Powers style, Kenny then completely fucks up his Christmas show after downing a bottle of Jack Daniels and insulting everyone. So, Kenny has gone from having it all to losing everything in a very short space of time. His kids are sad that Dakota has ‘run away’ April is angry at him for putting fame over family, Stevie has quit his job and run away and he screwed up his chances at hosting Sports Sesh. Good job, Kenny.

So what does he do? He retreats to Dustin’s family and is back to sleeping on the couch. After a touching heart to heart with Dustin he seeks about improving everyone’s Christmas’ which takes him searching the nearby woods like a trained expeditionary to bring Dakota home to his children. With the grand finale next week, I can’t see what he is going to do. Whether he will retreat back to his family with his tail between his legs or whether he will ride off into the sunset to start a new adventure somewhere else. Dare I say, he might even die?

eastbound13_08__1384300640_80.111.44.50While this wasn’t exactly the funniest episode of the season, it seems to be starting to draw everything together to a close. Last season did a similar thing, the final three episodes or so completely changed in tone and had me wondering if it could have even been classed as a comedy show anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the Kenny’isms come thick and fast and the attempt at comedy through Stevie’s chin and Maria’s breasts is beyond ridiculous that its actually isn’t even slightly funny and more or a juvenile attempt at humour. I’m still waiting to be shocked, I found myself willing Stevie to pull the trigger and blow his brains out just so I could go ‘HOLY SHIT DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN??!!’ but no, he just accidentally blows his absurd chin off instead. Sigh.

All that said, this season is actually becoming my second favorite after season one. However, I am hoping Kenny’s final chapter will be explosive, funny, emotional and shocking, because let’s face it, with one episode to go and no further seasons on the horizon they can do anything they want.

Here’s hoping!

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