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Eastbound and Down Season 4, Episode 5

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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eastbound13_03__1381443353_93.107.148.139So I’m reaching that point where I am curious as to where Kenny’s story is going, seeing there are only three episodes left until the ultimate end of Eastbound and Down I am wondering when the story will stop developing and start coming to a close.

Episode five starts with Kenny reigning as the King of his Castle, hosting an extravagant pool party complete with security guards. Kenny is rich, we get that. He is literally throwing money around, buying all the luxuries he has been longing to buy for years. Good for him right? He’s earned it, he’s been through some shit and now he is a valued member of the Sports Sesh panel, with his own ‘bit’ called “Kenny’s Cuttin’ in”. The audience just love him, busting their guts at his jokes and cheering him on. Kenny seems to be a natural entertainer, he has adoring fans and he is becoming more and more loved each episode of Sports Sesh he is on. Of course, Guy Young hates Kenny’s growing success and as Dontel warned, he is prepared to axe Kenny from the show if he keeps stealing the spotlight.

Kenny always has had a tendency to self-destruct when things are going well. Ever since he ditched April at the gas station in the finale of season one, he has managed to continually fuck things up just as shit starts to get good for him. Of course, when Guy Young arrives at a meeting with Kenny flying through the air on a jet pack, he is inadvertently pushing Kenny further toward that big red button. He tells Kenny to stop with the “Kenny’s Cuttin’ In” gag and that he doesn’t deserve to ever own a jet pack because he hasn’t earned it. In no situation, since day one, has Kenny done what he has been told. He has always rebelled, so what makes us think today is going to be any different? Maybe because Kenny has changed? He’s a family man now, a loyal husband, loving father and a successful television personality. Things haven’t gone wrong, even when we have most expected to, Kenny has made the right decisions for the whole season. So surely, his decision to disobey Guy is the right one? April, while being the ever faithful and loving wife asks for him to go see a marriage therapist with her, he reluctantly agress, but failing to turn up was probably the worst decision he has made so far. If he loses April, again, he will almost certainly go BOOM.

Kenny has fans, fame and money again. Guy Young is threatened. However, the arrogance reaches a new level as it seems the success is going to his head. It’s happened before, it can happen again. There is no pressure on him to perform, he just sits on a talk show and makes jokes. As Kenny whooshes off toward the horizon on his brand new jet pack, the peaceful moment seems destined to be shattered in the next episode. He has disobeyed Guy, he has stood April up and Stevie is becoming more and more sensible by the episode (it’s actually quite refreshing). His clothes are stupid now but it’s a definite improvement on those polyester pleats.

I just can’t predict it, but I feel the drama and darkness is looming on what seems to Kenny to be the perfect life.

The American Dream.

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