HBO Trailer Gives 1st Glimpse at The Newsroom

HBO sure knows how to make a trailer and this latest image spot is no different.  The first two minutes showcase the great shows that were on HBO’s air in 2011 but the last 30 seconds give us a glimpse into the future of the premium cable network, even going so far as to give us the first image from Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom.    There’s also some never-before-seen video from HBO’s new comedy Veep starring Julie Louis-Dreyfus!   Take a look at the entire trailer and you’ll have no trouble getting excited about HBO’s 2012 lineup.

New series’, movies and documentaries are your way in 2012.  You might still be realing from yesterday’s big news but hopefully this glimmer from a bright future will ease your grief for a moment!  There was a bit of controversy surrounding the title of Aaron Sorkin’s new project but this trailer confirms that the show will indeed be called “The Newsroom” as rumored.  The addition of a “The” in front of the name is the only minor change.

Looking for the music playing in this trailer?  The song is called “All At Once” by Airborne Toxic.

The cast of the new show is in the process of filming at the moment and a 2012 premiere date is expected.  Here’s the first shot of Jeff Daniels in what we can now confirm will be called “The Newsroom“:


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