HBO FIlms: MARY AND MARTHA Premiere Date via a Tease

HBOFilms_logoIf you recall both HBO’s Winter Promo and the 2012 Yearender clip they showed us that HBO FILMS: MARY AND MARTHA was coming in the near future. Well, now a date has been announced via the Tease below. What you will see is two different landscapes; they must be North Carolina followed by Africa as these are the main locales in the movie. Take in the little tease and find more information about the HBO Film afterwards.

That’s why they call it a Tease; not showing much but hopefully raising interest. Now, how about a bit about the plot, you ask? Well, I’ll  combine a post  I wrote back on 07.23.13 with a synopsis from HBO to give a strong sense of what this movie is about. It is not a sensational tabloid story like PHIL SPECTOR or a flamboyant flashy biopic like BEHIND THE CANDELABRA but a character study of two strong women with a cause.

HBO Synopsis:

[box] Two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank and Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn star in HBO Films’ MARY AND MARTHA, an epic journey of two mothers, who despite the loss of their own sons, find a way to make a difference one child at a time. With little in common, these two women – one American and the other British – meet in Africa and bond over their personal loss while struggling with their grief and strains on their marriages. Forging a deep friendship, they realize that as mothers they have a responsibility to all the world’s children and dedicate themselves to the cause of malaria prevention. They begin to rebuild their lives and, in the process, show how ordinary people can make a difference and inspire positive change. [/box]Mary-and-Martha_from_promo

The two women, American Mary Morgan and Brit Martha O’Connell, take the eradication of the disease very seriously even to the halls of the U. S. government. We will watch this story unfold as these women grieve, bond and fight for their cause in this emotional 90 minute HBO Film.

HBOWatch will review this film shortly after its premiere on Saturday, 04.20.



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