Game of Thrones: Why It’s Worth the Wait


There’s no such thing as a true spoiler in Game of Thrones since the television series is based on a series of books that is already published but that doesn’t stop the show only fan’s hearts from dropping when possible book spoilers, or even show spoilers surface. Early this morning it was announced that episodes from tonight’s upcoming Season 5 were leaked on an illegal downloading site. Which means the world is about to get a lot more spoiler happy and a lot of us will be super careful about what we click on in the near future.

If you’re one of the people tempted to search online for these illegal episodes instead of waiting the few hours until tonight’s epic premiere, here’s a few reasons why you should hold off with the rest of us.

  1. Ratings, ratings, ratings. Anyone who regularly watches television knows how important these are to a series. If all the fans have already seen the episode and don’t log on to watch tonight, that’s going to show in the ratings, which might lead to dire consequences for Westeros.
  2. An Awesome GoT Premiere Party. As if you need an excuse to celebrate your favorite show but it’s pretty amazing when you get a group of equally obsessed friends together to celebrate the new season. Check out our post for last seasons premiere that talks about how to throw an awesome GoT party that even Cersei would love.
  3. Drinking Games. Do you have any idea how many drinking games there are for this show? Take a shot every time someone is naked. Take a shot every time someone is killed. Check them out here!
  4. Because you can pull out your best Westeros costume and dress up! I’m pretty sure I’ll spend every Halloween alternating between Dany and Cersei. Here’s an awesome make up tutorial that shows you exactly how to make yourself look just like Daenerys.
  5. We’ve been anxiously waiting for almost a year for tonight. I’m pretty sure a few more hours won’t kill us. Suspense is half the fun!

We hope you’re all looking forward to the episode as much as we are. Stay tuned to HBOWatch for a review of tonight’s episode and let us know what you’re hoping to see in the comments.


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