Game of Thrones Season Seven (Mostly) Confirmed


Today in “news you probably could have anticipated but still desperately need confirmation of” — Game of Thrones will most likely see a season 7.

HBO has already confirmed Game of Thrones Seasons 5 and 6 but many fans have wondered: What about a seventh season?! What about an eighth season?  Can’t Pete Dinklage keep on playing Tyrion Lannister until he dies of old age?  We hate to be the ones to break this to you but there will be a day when Game of Thrones is not on the air. We hope and expect that HBO will fill that void with new series by that time but we know Game of Thrones holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.

News of the seventh season broke when THR got wind of a renegotiation deal with several of the actors and actresses on the show that extended through a seventh season of filming. We won’t disclose which actors were signed because that might spoil the ending for non-readers (and some readers, even!) out there.  Needless to say many of your favorite characters will return as long as HBO keeps making the show which is now almost confirmed to be seven full seasons of Game of Thrones.

What about after that, though? George R.R Martin would like to see some sort of epic, 100 Million dollar movie made for the finale.  All good things come to an end and HBO’s Game of Thrones will be no exception. You will be left wanting more as you were with The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Rome and all those others.

We’ll be here with you the whole way through.. when your favorite character dies horrible death in one of these seasons of Game of Thrones.. we’ll be there to comfort you.  Hire a therapist through 2017.


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