Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4: “The Book of the Stranger”

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SO many interesting twists and turns. People die. Siblings reunite. People start taking power back. People start taking a stand. Some people stop being a victim and start being a force to reckon with. Plans are formulated. Revelations are made.


Jon and Sansa reunite. I won’t lie: I cried like a baby. This is something that I, a self-professed House Stark fan, have been waiting YEARS for. It didn’t disappoint. The years have not been kind to either Stark sibling, as they reminisce over the past and that fateful day King Robert Baratheon came to ask for their father to be the Hand of the King. Jon and Sansa are older and wiser: they’ve been beaten, tortured and come out of it stronger and grittier. There’s just one problem: Sansa knows that as long as she’s alive, Ramsay will not give up looking for her. After all, he needs her to solidify his very precarious hold on the North, if he wants power and armies at his back. Jon has been through so much – as has Sansa – but they understand that they NEED to take back Winterfell. And that the bastard Ramsay needs to DIE. (Unfortunately, Rickon is a prisoner there)

tormund-giantsbane-Book-of-the-Stranger-300x225And how about that Tormund, eh?! Checking out Brienne. OH. MY. GOD. That was the funniest thing at Castle Black. Let’s face it: we need some comic relief, given the events. However, Brienne of Tarth is nobody’s fool. After sizing up Ser Davos and Melisandre, she makes it VERY clear that she knows what went down at Winterfell, that she knows of the blood magic that was used to kill Renly….and that she just outright KNOWS things.

And then there’s this jackass: slime bag Petyr Baelish comes back into the fold. Gee, I wonder what he’s been up to. (Read: what events has he been interfering with; how many betrayals have taken place under his watchful eyes and ears and how much more manipulation will come to pass?) Just watching the pathetic and weak minded Robin Arryn attempt to practice his archery skills made me cringe. Imagine how Lord Royce felt. Tension mounts between Petyr and Lord Royce – over how news of Sansa has escaped Winterfell. Really, Petyr? I do hope that this poorly designed plot of yours comes back to bite you in the ass in the worst way possible. You literally dumped Sansa into the hands of a sadistic rapist and known torturer. I find it really hard to believe that a person as “well informed” as Petyr Baelish didn’t know of hear about how awful Ramsay was. This is a man who prides himself on being informed from the North to Dorne. Petyr ingratiates himself to Robin with a prized falcon, while planting seeds of strong forces going to aid Sansa in her time of need into empty little Robin’s head. Ugh.


We’ve gotten to know the mysterious origins of the High Sparrow. We find that Margaery has been a very careful listener while being imprisoned. We see Loras languishing away. Margaery is determined not to breakdown. The High Sparrow alludes to something taking place for Margaery. We know that there are Seven Gods and that the Stranger is the one who is rarely discussed. We know that Tommen is lost and broken without his Queen. We know that the High Sparrow, for all his tales of being poor and having vices for which he should atone for, is a man who wields a great deal of power. Something wicked this way comes. Margaery knows that the High Sparrow is doing his best to break her and Loras’ will to survive. We also know that Margaery may have to atone – and we all saw how Cersei had to atone in the streets of King’s Landing.


Kevan, Olenna, Jaime and Cersei must set aside their personal differences and work together to overthrown the Faith Militant. Cersei brought all this trouble and mayhem on herself by lusting for power and control in the first place. If anyone is to blame about the Faith Militant coming in and seizing control over the wretched place, it’s Cersei. Plans are discussed. The four of them have good intentions….but you know the saying about good intentions, right?


Theon goes back home. Pyke is such a depressingly bleak place, who the hell would want to return there? Off Theon goes and is reunited with his sister, Yara. It’s not a touching reunion but Theon pledges his support to his sister. He wants to see her take the Salt Throne. Theon, hello! Good to see a little bit of you in there. Get rid of the Reek aura, the shabby clothes and get some backbone, man. Set the wrongs you have done to right. Perhaps there is hope for some redemption, after all.

Tyrion is proving to be quite the diplomatic advisor to Queen Daenerys. Tyrion has the age and experience to deal with dignitaries, masters, lords, ladies and nobility – but he has the keen political sense to know that sometimes you have to more or less break bread with your enemies in order to move forward. This doesn’t sit well with Missandei and Grey Worm. Somebody has to keep the peace in Meereen while Daenerys is away. Time will tell whether or not Tyrion’s policy on slavery being phased out was a good idea.

Dany-T-Book-of-the-Stranger-300x169And then there’s Daenerys. While saddled with the other widows in the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen, Jorah and Daario make their way into the city. Maybe they didn’t place enough faith in Dany. She had a plan all along. Remember, her House words are “Fire and Blood.” And she did NOT disappoint. While listening to the filthy ramblings of the Khals who are discussing her future amongst the Dothraki, Dany shows them a thing or two about what happens when you mess with a dragon. She emerges from the burning temple, completely unharmed. Daenerys Targaryen came to Vaes Dothrak to spew fire and blood and gather an army. She’s got the fire in her blood and now she’s got the army.

Here’s hoping for the introduction of new characters and exciting plots in the episodes to come! Check out the preview for next weeks episode below!

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