Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3: “Oathbreaker”

I was unable to watch the previous episode right away, by a whole two days. Hey, thanks Facebook for wrecking a resurrection for me. I had Jon Snow’s zombie-like moment cruelly pulled from my grasp. So I was left waiting the entire episode just to see him gasp.  I wouldn’t believe that such a revelation would be spoiled so quickly, but such is life. How dare I go on Facebook!  But I digress, this is about a whole new episode.

Jon tries to bring cohesion to the group after his slaughter which isn’t so easy after his near death-actually dead-experience.  I think I like Jon as a zombie.  I mean, he has the credit of being a zombie but without all the corpsified-ness.  Though this is a magical world and he is obviously brought back with some badass sorcery, imagine the feeling and experience to have survived your own murder.  It is an experience no one will ever have.  I mean, in surgery it is possible for your heart to stop and be restarted. But this was a computer powering down for a while before being restarted.  With biology being what it is, you can’t have that without health concerns. No wonder he wants to move on from the Watch.  That would be nothing but painful to remain there where you died.  I think he did the right thing having the betrayers who didn’t lay down arms executed.  Though I perhaps would have just shoved them north of the Wall.  Ollie did throw some serious shade at Jon before he died though.

Sam and Gilly might be the cutest couple on this show.  He’s the only person she’s ever felt safe with and he genuinely cares for her and her son.  He helped them escape the hell of her father’s house, and then survive the frozen hellscape and all the stuff that wants to kill them.  She can believe that what he chooses is best because he’s been there for her.  It’s so heartwarming.

I’m thrilled we will be seeing more flashbacks through Bran, because not only does it answer questions but it is eye opening. Bran realizes that maybe his father isn’t who he always thought.  Sometimes you GOT_Oathbreaker-300x200hear stories and they get passed down generation to generation.  It’s how a lot of history is shared.  But when you discover the history is false?  Holy life altering moment.  Now, Bran is learning that his dad is damn good at keeping secrets.  Now we just have to wait to learn them for ourselves!

Oh Khaleesi, it is kind of biting you in the butt how big your ego has gotten.  I’m all for being proud of yourself and position, but you get too big about yourself and other people don’t like it so much.  I hope she is able to bring some good negotiation to the table.  “I’ll negotiate…negotiate with dragon fire!!!”

I am pretty sure Varys and Tyrion should have their own Odd Couple spin off.  Varys is still checking in with his little birds, though probably not the ones Qyburn has now.  We do know that some powerful people are trying to bring down our Mother of Dragons, but is that really a surprise?  When you make a lot of enemies, they often gather together. Tyron trying to start a drinking game though…oh my stars. Too hilarious.

Back in the capital, Tommen is trying to be a big boy.  We’ll see how that goes, because so far it looks like he’s going from one manipulator to another.  I see what you’re about, Mr. Priest guy.  Meanwhile, Queen of Thorns…more like Queen of Shade.  Whew, she took Cersei down a peg.  It looks like Cersei and Jaime are starting to realize their power is waning. I can’t imagine that going well for Cersei’s enemies.

Speaking of someone who makes their enemies pay, Ramsay certainly did a number on his daddy.  I also completely appreciate that Lord Umber saw through that in a hot second.  Dear Ramsay, you don’t fool anyone. I know you try your best, but your crazy shows through too much. It will be interesting to see what is coming for House Stark. One more direwolf down (RIP Shaggy Dog) and Lord Commander Zombie probably heading in that direction, what will Ramsay do now?  Or Rickon?  Or Osha? Or Jon Zombie? Ugh, all the questions…

Last but not least, Arya is officially no one.  I mean, she just kept telling them and they didn’t believe her! She was already a bad-ass, but that was minor league.  Now with ninja school, she’s major league bad-ass. Our favorite little assassin just keeps getting more awesome. So proud!

Next week looks to pack a punch. Lots more stories to be covered.  Who is going where? Who is doing what? We must know!!!

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