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Euphoria Episodes 6 & 7: “The Next Episode” & “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Episode 6: “The Next Episode”

cq5dam.web.1200.675What we learn about McKay (Algee Smith) in this episode is that he’s always been destined for greatness. At least in the eyes of his father, the standard “gotta be the best” type. But he’s not just a jock, he’s also smart. Smart enough to realize that he doesn’t have a chance of being the pro baller his pop wants him to be. He adores Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) but he also knows all the other guys want her; that includes Daniel (Keean Johnson) who previously got some lucky smooches when Cassie was tripping on Molly. But she’s with McKay for his frat Halloween party, minus her original costume that McKay wasn’t huge on. Later when the two are getting intimate, his brothers rush in and attack him. He shakes it off, having rough sex with Cassie. Not okay, dude. I get you’re having all sorts of emotions over being physically (and possibly sexually) assaulted by your fraternity brothers, but taking your aggression out on your girlfriend in order to deal with or feel whatever you need to feel is not okay.

Meanwhile, Nate (Jacob Elordi) is currently suspended from school yet meeting Maddy (Alexa Demie) on the sly every week. He’s trying to determine his way out. – a.k.a how to be a slimy douche. He broke into Tyler’s (Lukas Gage) apartment assaulting him before, this time it’s to inform him of what he’s going to do. Tyler will go to the police and tell them he raped Maddy in the pool at McKay’s party and assaulted her at the carnival because she wouldn’t return his communication.  Jules (Hunter Schafer),  also being blackmailed by Nate must go corroborate this information.


Everything comes to a head at Daniel’s Halloween party. Rue (Zendaya) can tell something is off with Jules. Kat (Barbie Ferreira) gives Ethan (Austin Abrams) a shot but doesn’t stick around. Irritated with McKay, Cassie flirts with Daniel but denies him anything past kissing. Not surprisingly because he just seems like a tool, he gets pissed off because she won’t have sex with him and he acts like an asshole. McKay arrives at the party looking for Cassie, but Lexi (Maude Apatow) throws him off the trail. Kat ends up in bed with Daniel. Nate and Maddy crash the party. Rue notices Jules’ reaction to Nate and begins to put the pieces together. When Cassie returns home, she realizes something is late… Did you catch all that? 

Here’s a hot take from Algee Smith on playing Christopher McKay!


Episode 7: “The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed”

dc20eed0-b1ba-11e9-9596-a9d8a7e19bbd_800_420Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) is the focus for the opening as we learn more about her childhood and how it evolved. Her father wanted the best for her, but he couldn’t afford it. Between her father never being able to hold down a job and her mother being an alcoholic, she did the best she could to be happy. When she developed physically as a teen, she became closer to her mother. Her womanly body meant unfriendly advances, even from her own family. She went from one crappy relationship to another looking for the love her father didn’t have for her. Her father eventually left the family, and though a car accident briefly brought them back together, his descent into drug addiction separated him from his family for good.

Meanwhile, following the events of Halloween, Rue is depressed and wallowing in bed watching reality television. When not doing that, she goes into manic states. Obsessing over the whole Nate situation in the old school detective feeling was a nice touch. She enlists help from Fezco (Angus Cloud) to threaten Nate to back off. This goes exactly opposite to plan because Fez isn’t as intimidating as Nate because Fez isn’t a sociopath and Nate probably/most likely is. Nate calls the cops on Fez and they come to bust him on drugs. Jules goes to visit an old friend and while enjoying a night on the town she gets high and hallucinates about Nate and Rue. Eventually, she hooks up with her friend’s roommate, though misses Rue the next morning.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT314EX53I2fNg0QSqlP-OKphgDx32csIeYUlZw7wPejADX6nAp

Cassie is struggling over how to tell McKay she kissed Daniel, but also that whole bun in the oven thing. But she’s not really ready to throw that info around yet. Her friends and even sister say it is better to hold back. Kat and Maddy throw some tense exchanges, and while I get wanting to help your friend when they are in a bad relationship, Nate is literally the worst and he’s abusive and Maddy needs to face that. Sorry, Maddy. Kat may have changed but I don’t think she quite deserved that C-word. Kat returns to camming but also finds that isn’t what she wanted. Cassie does come clean with McKay about the pregnancy, to which he freaks out on. Fair enough, but maybe use birth control next time? In the end, the only person Cassie ends up truly being able to count on is her mom (Alanna Ubach.) Catch up on some behind the scenes looks with Cassie herself, Sydney Sweeney!

Where does all this lead? It takes us up to the season finale of Euphoria.

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