Camping E06: “Carleen?”

The limited series Camping is close to wrapping up but this week we focused on a missing character and some close conversations between Kathryn (Jennifer Garner) and Jandice (Juliet Lewis) and then also Walt (David Tennant) and Harry (Bridget Everett) as everyone is out looking for Carleen (Ione Skye). Check out this interview with Ione Skye, then come back to read our thoughts on this episode of Camping. 

After taking a moment to chastise Kathryn after returning from the grocery store, we see Carleen wander off presumably to calm down. But by lunch, Carleen hasn’t returned and no one knows where she is. Jandice tags along with Kathryn as she heads out to help search. Walt meanwhile enlists the help of campground runner Harry.  What could go wrong?

“When did I go from the life of the party to the uninvited?”

16-camping.w700.h700As Kathryn is walking with Jandice, we start to get to know more about Kathryn. Even though she’s a year younger than Carleen, she was always considered her sister’s keeper. She was responsible for getting her back home for dinner after wandering off. She’s been with Walt for longer than I think people realized. She shares a story about how she was in roller derby (Wrath of Kath, nice) and she helped teach Walt how to skate. You can see in her eyes and her expressions while telling this story that part of that fun, happy person is still there. But she’s consumed by pain and medical issues. She wrapped up in it. Everything else is gone. We get to know more about Jandice, who is not only a mother but also a liar and I’m starting to question her motives with Miguel (Arturo Del Puerto) since she seems to be not interested anymore.

Meanwhile, in their own conversation, Harry and Walt are talking about Kathryn as well. Walt loves Kathryn and throughout the show so far, we’ve seen him continue to defend her against others. But he’s at a turning point too. They don’t have a sexual relationship anymore. He believes dealing with her health issues is a hobby for Kathryn. It’s almost an obsession for her. Which I’ve commented on in previous reviews. When you deal with chronic pain, you can easily and usually do become wrapped up in your pain or whatever medically is ailing you. You become an expert in the minutia of dealing with your body and your pain. I don’t think Kathryn enjoys dealing with all her medical stuff. I don’t think it’s a hobby. I think her brain is just medically prioritized because she’s been through so much and she’s a Type A personality which means organized and attention to detail. It’s habit, not hobby. Back at camp, Walt and Harry show Joe (Chris Sullivan) the slipper they found of Carleen’s and he begins crying and screaming for her.  Joe acts very wishy-washily and distant towards Carleen and at that moment we see his true feelings. He does care for her, but he’s not great at showing it.cq5dam.web.1200.675

People at this gathering need to be adults and actually just say what they’re feeling about each other because this is extremely sad. Walt clearly has things he wants to say to Kathryn and for the sake of their marriage, I think it’s important that they do if they want to save it. People need to get better about talking about their feelings. You can’t just hold in your feelings, not tell your partner how you feel, and then explode on them.  That’s supremely unfair and not healthy.  If your partner hurts your feelings or upsets you or you feel you need to speak about your relationship, that’s okay.  In fact, it’s preferable to say something right away. Don’t dwell and hold something against your partner. It will just fester and get worse. Learn to speak up for yourself. Your partner or spouse is supposed to be your teammate. If you don’t feel like you can talk to them about your feelings, then something needs to change.

All that’s left is the two-part finale and we’ll be wrapped. What do you think will happen as the series ends? Which couples will make it and which won’t? Leave us comments and tune in next Sunday, November 25th at 10:00 p.m. for episode 7!

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