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AVENUE 5 Likely to be Decommissioned After Season Two

by Jef Dinsmore
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Since the pandemic, we have been on a long wait for certain series to return to the screen. One such show we are still awaiting is the promised sophomore season of Amando Iannucci’s AVENUE 5. However, it appears that the second season will be its last.  

Though no official word has been announced, it has been learned that the cast of the series have had their contract agreements terminated and have moved on to other projects. AVENUE 5’s cast included Hugh Laurie as Ryan Clark pseudo-captain; Josh Gad as Herman Judd billionaire cruise line owner; Zach Woods as Head of Customer Relations aboard; Rebecca Front as Karen Kelley’s strong-headed spokesperson for the passengers; Suzy Nakamura as Iris Kimura co-owner of Avenue 5; Lenora Crichlow as Billie McEvoy second Engineer aboard; Nikki Amuka-Bird as Rav Mulcair from Mission Control and Ethan Phillips and alcoholic former astronaut onboard. 


Now, while we’ve got your attention regarding the show remember there is still Season Two to come sometime in the back half of 2022. So, maybe a quick refresher is in order. Set in the future we find that space travel is not exclusively for space exploration but it is for space recreation. Cruise ships through the stars is a big multi-billion-dollar business and the vessel Avenue 5 is one such cruise liner. But, of course, it is not smooth sailing. When we left the show in 2020 the ship, as should be no surprise, was off-course and needed to jettison extra weight to aid in course correction. With egos and stupidity at the forefront that important measure was botched when the excess was pitched portside instead of the calculated aft side making the situation worse. The last resort – picking which persons, from crew & passengers, who get to launch off in the one available shuttle aboard.  

Exactly when the story continues and how it ends is unclear at this time. But, instead of ending on an unfinished cliffhanger AVENUE 5 will have the opportunity to wrap up in a neat fashion. Do they make it back to Earth safely? Look for the final season coming yet this year for the final answer. And let’s also hope Armando Iannucci finds a worthy concept for another HBO comedy series to add to VEEP and AVENUE 5.   


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