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“And Just Like That…” Season 2 Comes to An End

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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The last few episodes of And Just Like That…showed some improvement in showing some reality in these otherwise fantasy lives but the final episode just left a bitter taste in the mouth as things are over dramatized for the purpose of teasing the third season, which has already been confirmed.  But where are we leaving our characters and what can we hope for from a third season?


a13511e0-cc16-40fc-a9f2-4d9d11a27137-john-corbett-sarah-jessica-parker_1-1024x538 Perhaps the most infuriating plot twist of all time sees Carrie now waiting five years for Aidan to get his son Wyatt in a healthy mental state before they can resume their life together. In the previous episodes we have seen Carrie and Aidan very quickly fall deeply in love with each other as she reflects on whether she made the wrong choice all those years ago to pursue a life with Big over Aidan (which had every single Sex and the City veteran yelling at their screens “YES YOU DID!!). However, despite Carrie seeming to be getting her happy ending as she puts in an offer on literally the nicest apartment in the whole entire world, for her and Aidan to live in together, he gets the news his youngest son Wyatt, who is only 14, has purposely injured himself and he th-300x200wasn’t there to help him. Carrie, who also just adopted a kitten she has so aptly named ‘Shoe’ considers ways that they can still be together, all very sensible might I add, where they can do weekends together, she can go there, he can come to her etc. But no, Aidan tells her that their relationship is on pause until Wyatt is no longer a teenager when his mental health will no longer be his problem. Because we all know that once you hit 20, your mentally sound for the rest of your days…If that isn’t ridiculous enough of a suggestion, Carrie just agrees like its the only option. It really isn’t, I know its meant to be a romantic moment of waiting for love to be perfect and uninterrupted but literally anything could happen in the next five years, and at their age, its likely something will. So Carrie is living in limbo in her huge new apartment with her cat Shoe. Sure.


After breaking up with Che, Miranda has been actively exploring her sexuality, specifically her attraction to women. But after a rendez-vous with a voice actor went wrong, she has decided to focus on her career and returns to work as an intern for a human rights law firm. Within hours of being there she is recognized as the most experienced and accomplished and is chosen to replace the team leader for their maternity leave. That was easy! Meanwhile, Che is returning to stand up comedy OIF-4-300x200and thinking it would be a really good idea, Miranda tags along to opening night to surprise Che which is an odd decision considering she has been screening their calls since the break up. Anyway, poor Miranda ends up getting totally roasted by Che in their set as every single joke is at Miranda’s expense. This is absolutely brutal and if you weren’t sure about Che up until now then this should make your mind up. Despite their link to the core three now being rather tenuous through a friendship with Carrie, its interesting that Che is still considered one of the core cast members. The writes have done a fantastic job of villainizing them and then trying to justify this by making it a part of their character. However, when you have a devoted fan base to someone like Miranda, its difficult to then get those same people to side with someone who is essentially a gigantic bully. However, Miranda takes the high road, she fixes her relationship with Steve and she puts her mind to her career. She has returned to the Miranda we know and love but a slightly new and improved version.


The most frustrating character of the season finally lets her hair down and lets loose on loser husband Harry.  Charlotte has been the most vapid she has ever been this season, just playing this butter-wouldn’t-melt perfect mother and housewife in her A-Line dresses and Stepford Wife vibes she hasn’t had her feet on the ground for years. She decides to return to work, again, having her skillset and expertise recognized she gets a job in a high end gallery and sells paintings to famous people (cue cameo from Sam Smith, hi!). However now that she works full time, she isn’t at home to do the wife stuff meaning that Harry has to step up for the first time in his life. Charlotte, one night after work, goes out and gets drunk with her new co-workers and sick of tmediumhe incessant calls and texts from her family, she throws her phone into a pitcher of margaritas. When she wakes up the next day, Harry challenges her behavior and says he’s been having to do a lot more around the house and in the shows best monologue so far, Charlotte in her hungover state absolutely lets rip on him saying that he actually only just doing his share. Take note all old fashioned husbands and fathers, its your share not a favor to us.

The final episode was emotional in that we saw Carrie bid farewell to her apartment as she gets ready to move into her new place alone. She has a big fancy meal with all the cast members in tow and they all sign off by saying one thing they are going to pledge to ‘let go of’, Carrie can throw a good dinner party but I think she needs to work on her entertainment! However, this leads each character to basically round off their storylines for the season with one word. Nice. Short and sweet. Its bittersweet saying goodbye to Carries apartment, we have been here before when she and Big bought a new place together but she held on to her old apartment as well. She isn’t doing that this time, its a full separation. As apartments go, Carrie’s is iconic as Monica and Rachels, or Jerry Seinfeld’s, its going to be tough moving on without it.

OIF-1As for the new season, my hope is that there is less Che Diaz for a start, or they give them a slightly redeeming storyline which isn’t focussed on being a tortured enby comic who is cynical and bitter and makes a joke out of everything, but rather someone who can be real for once in their life and perhaps consider other people rather than just themselves. Towards the end of the season we saw LTW and Herbert get the rather shocking news that she was pregnant and by the following episode she had suffered a miscarriage. Their reaction to this news was mixed, LTW saying that she had just got her life into a good place and was succeeding and doing well and a baby would really ruin that, she then considers if her negative attitude is what caused the miscarriage in the first place and her sadness at losing the baby is one that many women have felt and this is actually portrayed really well by the show. Kudos for that. Its unclear what impact this will have on the third season, perhaps they will decide to have another baby? Or perhaps she will decide to slow down a bit? Its unclear. Meanwhile, we have Nya who is easily the most underrated secondary character on the show, who looks like she’s about to shut the door on her cheating husband and start a new relationship with a handsome Michelin star chef. Love that for her and cannot wait to see where it goes. I don’t really know where to go with Seema, much like Che it is unclear what route their character is going to go down. She seems to be in a relationship now but the final episode made it really clear how emotional unavailable she is for a relationship and this is going to cause some pretty big issues. And finally, Anthony. Who has recently learned that Stanford, his estranged husband has now become a monk and will never return to New York. This was a pretty funny way to permanently remove Stanford from the dialogue following the tragic death of Willie Garson who played him and will now allow “Tony” to move on with his hunky younger man and yes, embrace losing his ‘ass virginity’ to him.

and-just-like-that2-ht-ml-230824_1692894980457_hpMain_16x9_992-300x169There is just one more thing we need to discuss before signing this season off for good and that’s the return of Samantha. We all know that the return of Samantha was never going to be on the cards following the huge rift between Kim Cattrall Sarah Jessica Parker and once it was confirmed Samantha would return it was with the caveat that should would not be physically in the same scenes as the other cast members. This meant that it was only ever going to be a phone call, but unlike season one where it was just known that Samantha was on the other end while a production runner responded to the texts, we actually got to see Samantha in the flesh. As great as this was, its not what you want. What you want is for them all to be together again and the fact that they’re not only reminds you of their fragmented real life relationships. Samantha is a fan favorite and this will do for now.

And Just Like That…will be back for a third season and we will be here to keep you updated on all the news pending its release!

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