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AND JUST LIKE THAT…: “Chapter 3”

by Ellie Wilkin-Smith
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The aptly named third episode of season three of And Just Like That…sees Carrie struggling to read her own chapter three for the taping of the audiobook of her latest release about coping with grief. Meanwhile, Seema grieves the theft of her Birkin bag, Che Diaz becomes the villain and Charlotte ranks in number 3 on the schools MILF list.

Carrie has seemed to be doing okay since the beginning of the season, having a casual affair with a man, socialising with friends frequently but when she has to record the reading of her audiobook and specifically the chapter that details the moment she found John mid-heart attack on the bathroom floor has her choking. I can imagine for Carrie, who has used writing as an emotional outlet her entire adult life, found writing this chapter to be very cathartic, but when it comes to actually saying it out loud its an entirely different kettle of fish. She fakes having COVID to get away with not having to do the recording, which is weird because COVID can’t get you out of anything anymore these days so this must be set a year or so ago or in a parallel universe where COVID is still scary to the majority of the population.


Meanwhile, Seema has her Birkin bag stolen in broad daylight from the front of her apartment building. She seems to grieve this bag as if it were a person and while yes, it does have sentimental value to her and yes costs an inordinate amount of money, it is just a possession. But this is a woman who values her possessions almost like she values human life. I get it, she works hard and buys herself nice things. But even for Sex and the City veterans like myself this was a little on the nose. Birkin bags are notoriously the most expensive and luxurious handbags out there and the ownership of one also comes with a kind of ‘i am disgustingly filthy rich’ connotation. So its hard to feel bad for her.

But the crux of the episode, the Big Kahuna if you will, came with Miranda and Che. Che’s sitcom is becoming a total farse and they are faced with significant compromises to appease the network, but for Che this sitcom is deeply personal as it is about their own gender identity and coming out as non-binary so when a heartfelt moment is showered in silly quips, they are finding it hard to connect to the character, even though that character is essentially themselves. Miranda goes along to a live taping to support Che through this emotional scene with their father she gets a call from Brady who is in severe distress in Amsterdam after being broken up with by his girlfriend and throwing around suicidal-esque threats. Miranda goes deeply into panic mode and smuggles her phone into the taping, where of course, it rings and painfully disrupts the scene right as a squeeze out tear was about to roll down Che’s face. Che, distraught at Miranda has little sympathy for the situation she is in. Any parent knows that there is nothing more important than your own children so when Che fails to see why Miranda is flying home to be with her heart broken son instead of sitting in an audience like a good little housewife shows a side to Che we haven’t seen before. Miranda doesn’t even hesitate in leaving LA to return to New York to be with Brady. Which is great because at least we will know how Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte back together again, one could argue that Miranda is the glue that holds the three of them together as Carrie and Charlotte are not exactly close, but then again, who really is with Charlotte?


In a really meaningless sub-plot Charlotte and Lisa learn that a student at the school has created a MILF list, which has Lisa as number 2 and Charlotte as number 3. While this in itself isn’t very interesting, it is the boy who wrote the list that could make this pretty interesting. The boy, has the physique and face of a man in their early twenties who could easily be mistaken for a Calvin Klein underwear model and once it is revealed to the women who wrote this list they are incapable of flashing their lustful glances his way. Would this show go there? I don’t think so? But its kind of weird to add in if it doesn’t go anywhere.

The rest of the season has big promises in store – the return of Aidan, the return of Samantha!

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