A MARE OF EASTTOWN Season Two or Not?


This post is generated for two reasons. One, MARE OF EASTTOWN was an acclaimed limited series for HBO and the production companies involved and two, because which projects deserve to continue has been a question for HBO as of late.   

I will address that first reason but let’s look at the other one. We all can certainly count the content that we wished had a longer life at HBO than it did. For example, many were eager for more of TRUE DETECTIVE a la Season One and more from CARNIVALE and DEADWOOD and recently lamented the loss of further plot from WATCHMEN and LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. Only one clear title successfully lived on when no one thought it could and that was when a second season of the limited series BIG LITTLE LIES developed. There are numerous reasons why any specific title cannot and does not move forward and as HBO Programming Chief Casey Bloys recently pointed out that decision is not always HBO’s to make.   

BIG LITTLE LIES saw another season because its creator Liane Moriarity was able to quickly pen a credible continuation of the story. Of course, HBO wants to see the continuation of any content that was a critic and crowd-pleaser, like that title, but only if the creative teams can make it so and the finances are aligned to do so and do it all in a timeline that satisfies all. As discussed in this post, all that couldn’t gel for LOVECRAFT COUNTRY and as far as WATCHMEN was concerned, Damon Lindelof put it all out there in one season and had nothing else to offer.    

So, what does that say for MARE OF EASTTOWN?   MareOfEasttown_Winslet-300x194

 Bloys remarked once, “People tend to think that those decisions are like ABC in the 70s – ‘We, we need more Mare, we need more Mare!’. It’s a decision with Brad [Ingelsby] and with Kate [Winslet]. I would rely on them coming to us, saying, ‘We think there’s more, here is what it is. It’s not a foregone conclusion that just because something does well it gets another season. It starts with the creative team. I am never the one driving it.” 

MARE OF EASTTOWN is an HBO co-production with wiip. Ingelsby who also serves as writer and showrunner executive produced with Zobel, along with Paul Lee and Mark Roybal through wiip, Winslet, Gavin O’Connor and Gordon Gray through Mayhem Pictures. So, did show co-creator Ingelsby or anyone give an indication that the potential for something more was there?  

Not exactly promising anything, Kate Winslet herself had a solid quote on the matter. She stated, “I would love to play her again, I absolutely believe there’s more chapters to her story. However, just because the story has touched people that doesn’t necessarily mean creatively, we can do it again. But it doesn’t mean closing doors; we’re opening doors, exploring what’s behind the doors.” 

That sounds like dialogue towards the interest of a continuation is being had. But again, a lot has to fall in line to make it so. We, including Winslet, would love to see PA detective Sheehan back on the screen. But the expectation of it being equally as good to generate 4 million viewers a second time around just might be too huge, plus you can’t rush quality. We purposely held off on this posting in hopes of hearing something definitive, but that is not the case so far. We await official word, and we wait for some of those 16 Emmy nominations to turn into wins.  

MARE OF EASTTOWN is available on HBO & HBO MAX.  

(Source: Deadline)

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