Who’s the most annoying character on True Blood?

By Brandi McCormick on Jul 5, 2012 to True Blood

Let’s be honest. Every TV show has those characters you love to hate. Sometimes you’re on the same page as most of the audience, sometimes you’re not. Did you hate LOST’s Nikki and Paulo as much as I did? Do you feel like you could just punch old yellow-eyes from Supernatural in the face? Or shove a sock down Janice’s throat from Friends? We’ve all been there. And though we here at HBOWatch are obviously huge fans of most of the goings-on of True Blood, there are naturally going to be a few characters here and there that just won’t quit. I’m going to be breaking it down in terms of grating quirks, irritating behavior, and just downright annoying qualities to find out who is, in fact, the most annoying character on True Blood. (Please take in to account that I am not considering any characters who have met their end, or those that have been relegated to the background in recent seasons.) 

Sookie Stackhouse
: fairy powers, indecisiveness with men who are in love with her, ability to read minds, really bad luck with death in the family

Most annoying moment: I know we’ve all got a laundry list a mile long of all the times Sookie has annoyed us. Was it when she turned down Sam? Or when she turned down Eric and Bill at the same time? Or when she first said no to Bill’s proposal, only to come back and have him kidnapped? What about her decision to turn Tara into a vampire? Or what about her uncanny ability yo get angry with people after they’ve just done something for her (even if it is a little questionable)? Or, as Tara so aptly pointed out last week, is it her never-ending life of near death experiences, only to be handled/fixed/brought back to life/take a bullet/die all for her sake? Or how about how she always insists on defying all of the advice bestowed on her by those trying to look after her because she swears she should just stand her ground and face whatever comes? I was pissed when she couldn’t pick either Eric or Bill (even though I feel the answer was so obvious); I was pissed when Tara took a bullet for her; I was pissed when she was so naive so as to believe that Debbie wanted to do anything other than hurt her. I think that’s my biggest problem with Sookie: I just think she makes terrible decisions in the heat of the moment. (However, if she wants to always drown her sorrows with copious amounts of liquor, I’m all for that.)

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 9

Tara Thornton
: uncontrollable sass, sheer rage, masochistic, impressionable to a fault

Most annoying moment: Trying to fry herself alive in a tanning bed. This one was a toss up between her masochistic tango with the UV lights and her entire role in Maryann’s evil tryst with Bon Temps in season 2. But because I can’t really be unbiased about anything that happened in season 2 (because I hated it), I’ll stand firm in my decision. Though it may have just happened, I uttered an audible UUUGGHHH when she climbed in that bed and flipped the switch. I knew Tara The Vampire wasn’t going to be an easy road to walk on, but good grief. Buck up and either stake yourself or realize that you’re now more powerful than you’ve ever been in your miserable life and take advantage of it! This could be the only time in all of True Blood that Tara isn’t a worthless, angry victim. Just shut the hell up about how mad you are that Sookie and Lafayette did this to you. Are you really telling us that you’d rather be dead than a powerful fucking vampire who can take control of her life for the first time EVER? Ugh.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 10

Bill Compton
: emo bangs, jealousy over Sookie’s male conquests, nearly sleeping with his great-great-granddaughter

Most annoying moment: Though Bill’s had is fair share of terrible moments, this one’s got to be when he nearly killed Sookie. Right? That seems like a good starting point. Do I think his real intentions with Sookie were kind of deplorable? Sure. But whatever. Do I think he acts like a total dick now that he’s King? Totally. But nothing was as awful as his near murder of the one he supposedly loves.  I get that he had just gone through hell and was in need of sustenance, but hold yourself together man! Not to mention the fact that he is just sinfully boring. I mean snooze.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 7

Eric Northman
Don’t be ridiculous. Of course it’s not Eric.

Pam de Beaufort
great sense of style, firecracker wit, Eric’s progeny, super fast texting skills

Most annoying moment:  Considering I love Pam so much and am so glad to see her role continue to become a more prominent one, it’s hard for me to really harp on her for any bad behavior. That being said, she only ever really got on my last nerve during season 4 when she just totally lost her shit over Eric and her jealousy of Sookie got the best of her. Sookie has only ever been nice to Pam, and just because Eric was with her (and without a memory, no less) and not by your side every five seconds doesn’t mean you can go all high school bitch on her. Eric wasn’t in his right mind when he had to take leave from Fangtasia. You wanted  him to be safe, so we was with Sookie to do just that. You were just pissed that your face was dying and Sookie was getting all the attention. She still hates Sookie, even though she hasn’t really done anything to warrant such hate. Pam’s just a jealous little brat. But I still lover her.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 4

Jason Stackhouse
: affable charm, insatiable sex drive, part fae, dumb as a box of rocks

Most annoying moment: When he slaps Sookie after Gran’s death. I mean, WHAT IN THE FUCK. I remember the shock and anger radiating off of me after he did that. First and foremost, NO. Secondly, Jason is a gleefully  ignorant, always trying to do the right thing, sweetheart underneath all that raw sexual energy. This was the lowest of all his lows, and though he had had a rough go of it and was angry, slapping Sookie was uncalled for. That’s by far the most unforgivable thing he’s done on the show in my opinion (and he’s done some really stupid shit). You don’t get away with slapping your only family just because you’re pissed off. She’s all you have left! A close second to this would be his involvement with all that Hotshot business. Yuck. What a quagmire of crap that all was.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 6


Andy Bellefleur
: V addict, gruff demeanor, professionally inept, related to Bill

Most annoying moment: One of the most aimless characters on the show, poor Andy Bellefleur is just blech. He’s practically incapable of being a useful, successful sheriff, and his addiction to V was just plain sad. For a while I felt bad for him–like when he was really being thrown around during all the maenad business–but my empathy has since abided and I now just consider Andy Bellefleur a hapless loser. Do I like him with Holly? Sure. But I still think he’s a big dullard. Perhaps the height of his pesky behavior was all the times he incorrectly arrested/accused a resident of Bon Temps for a crime they didn’t commit. Jason, Sam, Sookie–they’ve all been at the receiving end of Andy’s drunken accusations. During season 1 when he was hellbent on getting Jason locked up for the murders that Rene committed, he was SO annoying. And then he fell into a drunken stupor for much of season 2 and 3, only acting more idiotic with each passing case. His V addiction was just as bothersome, and made him even more unlikeable.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 4

Arlene Fowler
: extremely conservative, terrible luck with men, bad taste in makeup, bigot

Most annoying moment: Lord. Arlene, Arlene, Arlene. Resident Merlotte’s bigot, vampire scaredy-cat, professional whiner. It’s hard for me to pick a specific moment in which Arlene HASN’T annoyed the crap out of me, to be honest. Her judgmental attitude towards vampires & most supernatural creatures is enough to make my head spin. WE GET IT. You don’t approve. Fuck off. All she does is whine and complain and judge. Her jealousy toward Jessica when she starts working at Merlotte’s was just atrocious, as was her haste to give her children silver bracelets when they were being babysat by Bill & Sookie. She’s constantly making snide remarks about vamps (and Sookie), and if I didn’t know any better I’d say she was even kind of racist. AND, after treating Sookie like shit during the first season, she has the gall to ask her to read the mind of the next guy she’s interested in to make sure he’s not, you know, a serial killer or anything. SHUT UP.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 9

Jessica Hamby
: fiery red hair, fierce sexual presence, Bill’s progeny, former Christian conservative

Most annoying moment: When she first came on the scene as Bill’s progeny. Remember when we were first introduced to Jessica The Vampire? She was all teen angst and short skirts and sass. She treated Bill like shit, she acted like a baby, and she downright nearly intolerable. (At this time of course, I didn’t dislike Bill as much as I do so I felt bad that she was being mean to him.) Jessica has grown into one of my favorite characters, even despite some of her questionable behavior as of late. Her decision to leave Hoyt bummed me out too, and I almost put that here, but I realize now that their breakup was a necessary and natural progression for both of those characters.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 2

Steve Newlin
: being Steve Newlin

Most annoying moment: Out of ALL the things Steve has done that have made me want to strangle him with his own sweater, I think the choice to have him be in love with Jason this season is the absolute worst. At least before, when he was just regular Steve Newlin, he was that creepy cult leader who was just terrible enough, but in a good evil kind of way. Now, he’s a vampire–and now a part of the Authority, no less–which you think would be the only big thing we needed from him during this season. But for whatever reason, the writers decided to have him profess his undying love for Jason Stackhouse. Groan. I think we could all agree that Steve always had a thing for Jason, but this storyline is A) ludicrous; B) headed towards a dead-end. and C) belongs on a soap opera. Now he’s campier than ever, but not in a good way.

Annoying on a scale of 1-10: 8

After a thorough assessment of all that is True Blood, I believe I can come to the conclusion that the most annoying character on True Blood is Tara Thornton! Not that surprising, I know. And it really was a toss up between her and Sookie. Take this for what you will and make your own decisions. But I want to know:  What do you think Truebies? Who do you think wears the crown as the most annoying person on True Blood? 

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Who is the most annoying character in True Blood?

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  • Bobby Jones

    Lafayette was the funniest. Arlene is theeee most annoying character on this show. Can’t believe she didn’t die off.

  • storm131

    Why isn’t Lafayette on the list?

    • Jef Dinsmore

      You are correct he is omitted from the list of choices. Maybe, our author thought that Lafayette was exempt because no one thinks him annoying at all?

      • storm131

        My comment was tongue in cheek. Thanks for stating the obvious.

  • xnerd

    Tara is the most annoying character of any show end of all time in the history of TV. She’s a terrible terrible racist she has zero common sense in the face of obvious solutions she’s just plain stupid. Racism against vampires is so bad that I almost think that it was written in that way intentionally to be ironic.

    It’s a simple example of her stupidity I’d like to point out the scene when she’s in the back of the truck raging at bill for draining Suki. Anyone that lives in a world where vampires are out of the closet and his such personal connection to someone with such a history with these creatures wouldn’t know that although bill caused cookies condition he indeed alone would be the only one that would be able to fix it within seconds yet she kicked him out of the truck and takes off in a rage

  • Ashley Perez

    Ugh, she wasn’t mentioned and was only in season 4 but Marnie was my least favorite character out of the whole show. She was so annoying! For so many reasons.

  • D3

    Sookie Stackhouse without a doubt, there is no competition

  • francesca

    To me Jason wins, even over Tara or Arlette. I can’t even stand the sight of him; annoying, childish, pretentious, empty, his ideals changes every time something new comes up in a matter of minutes and he has no spine aside for few moments. I genuinely hate him, even though I can’t fully understand why. Yes, a lot of bad qualities, but there is something missing, something I can’t grasp about him. I must say I’m just at ep 8 season 3, so I guess I’ll have time to figure that out.
    In the meanwhile, I must say I’m surprised to see he is only 10th in the list.

  • Ben

    1: Tara Thornton
    2: Holly Cleary
    3: Lettie May Daniels
    4: Sookie Stackhouse
    5: Maxine Fortenberry

  • Tara and Arlene are the most annoying. They represent the real judgmental, self-righteous people in this world.

  • nona

    There is no damn way that Tara is more annoying than Sookie. Sookie and Lettie Mae could have both died in season 1 and the show would have been better for it. Both are hideous and both equally as annoying.

  • CristinaM

    I’m so sorry Lorena died. I used to dislike herr thinking Bill is okay, but he s not. Fuck you stupid liar.

    • Jae

      I just hate Tara lol, shes such an annoying miserable bicch. Season 6 was the only one where she didnt make you hate her *that much*.

  • Cory Chapin

    what, Crystal doesn’t get an honorable mention? The second she popped up I was cringing. Her “love story” with Jason was the most horrific thing I’ve ever sat through and every single line she had (not to mention the actress reading them) ran the gamut from annoying to literally making me SHAKE WITH REPRESSED RAGE!!! God I hated every single damn minute she was there.

  • Eric

    I hate Mary Sue characters, so I’m gonna have to go with Eric Northman. He’s the worst I’ve seen on TV in years. I wander what he’s going to cry about next season, because we all know there is going to be some lame excuse for him NOT dying in the sunlight. True Blood can’t kill off its precious Mary Sues!!!

  • Scarlet

    Why is Sookie always the one who gets the blame for Tara being turned? Lafayette is the one who made that decision, not Sookie. He guilt tripped her into agreeing with him that Tara was better off as a vampire than dead.

  • Ciccone

    I don’t understand how people can hate on Tara SO MUCH! Do you forget what she’s been through or do you just decide to ignore it? And saying she never returns what others give to her? Please, no one’s giving anything to her and she gives everything to the others, going as far as getting her head blown off to protect her best friend. She’s one of the most sensible characters of the show in my opinion.
    And I do like Arlene. She’s a bigot, she’s intolerant but isn’t it what makes the show interesting? We need characters like her, otherwise it would be all about accepting vampires and all and you know it doesn’t happen this way in real life, so I think it brings a little bit of realistic tone to the show.

    • Cory Chapin

      My big problem with Tara is actually covered in the paragraph on her. She’s been whining about being a victim from the first episode. “Whaaaaa my Mama’s a drunk!” “Whaaaa I don’t have any friends ’cause no one understands me!” “Whaaaa I can’t have a relationship with a man ’cause no one can get past my unfathomable rage!” “Whaaa, Whaaaaa, Whaaaa, Whaaaa!” Jesus, we get it sweetheart, your life has sucked for a long time now. STOP BITCHING ABOUT IT NOW. Even if it’s deserved after five/six years of it we as the audience are just fucking tired of hearing about it.

  • Hilltop

    The early seasons: Tara hands down. I thought that I had never seen a character with so little like-ability. She dumps on everyone around her, offers nothing to anyone for helping her, and then blames an entire race for the actions of one! Her only redeeming action was taking a bullet for Sookie. But then she bitched and moaned and whined like a little girl for the next couple of episodes about becoming a vampire! Horrible!

    In the last couple of seasons; however, Sookie is the worst. She stakes Bill for no reason out of nowhere, and then when Bill asks (not takes like he could and should have!) to have some of her blood to save vampires and her friends, she tells him off! Only to then go and bang the vampire that killed ALL of the fairies in the nightclub! Really?? How could anyone be so stupid!

    • agdashloo

      Really? And Sookie should believe anything out of the mouth of that lying abusive cockroach Compton? Why should she believe he wants her blood to help save others and not just to get her under his thumb yet again? Staked him for nothing? I think not. Staked the roach to save Eric. Blame the writers of this idiotic Compton Love Fest for writing Sookie as such a dumbass.

      • E123


  • asdfg

    sookie, tara, lafayette

  • antisookie

    i so freaking hate sookie..she acts like a slut effen everyone around while she ain’t even that pretty and sweet at all ;s

    • asdf

      yep, ugly character and ugly chick. horrible mixture, lol

  • KellyK

    Most annoying Characters on Tru Blood is Sookie and Jessica, They slept with everyone..I did love Jessica until she ate those fairly children and she dumped Hoyt for Jason come on…

    • Akirah Fortescu

      Jessica is the worst!!!!!! And to top off her whiny- poor me behavior she now has become a bigger slut that ever! I hate her and I honestly think she needs to meed her True Death- I hope Violet nails that ho to the wall! Talk about one pathetic vampire!!!!!! Jessica all the way I am glad she was never in the books.

  • mohamed gad

    sookie basically slept with every one which makes her even more annoying plus what is she doing in seson 6 anyway?

    • Niz Pedro

      why is this annoying? oh, and about your question: that’s because sookie is one of the major characters, sometimes it even feels like she is THE major character.

      • xnerd

        I don’t understand that statement she is the main character current bill kind of 10 of the two stars of the show the leading man and the leading lady everyone else is just whatever sideline sometime she even feels like the main character? Are you kidding?

  • chowzilla

    I find Sookie and Tara very annoying but they are main characters. Arlene is just as annoying but is so useless in the show and is given so much screen time. Arlene gets my vote.

  • Kirsty True True Blood Fan

    Bill is annoying because he is a shameless womanizer, the scene where he dumped sookie over the phone and went back to that obsessive creeper lorena and told sookie he just had sex the way only two vampires could made me feel sick to the stomach, who treats someone they love that way? even if you break up for a reason to try save someones life cant you just say “its over?” sookie is also very annoying chasing bill when he didnt want to be chased, Jason is also a womanizer and I find it gross, like he must stink from all the sex and he grosses me out, and is so dumb and easily lead to betray his best friend hoyt, but for me the most annoying character who really ruined the show is jessica, every scene she was on just made me want to slap her!!! she betrays hoyt for jason knowing thats his best friend and then just expects jason to love her ..HAH when he shot her in the head i laughed my ass off when bill smacked her across the room, and i hate her for killing andys faerie daughters, not that i liked her at all on the show…i vote jessica the most annoying character on true blood!!!

    • xnerd

      You honestly don’t realize that bill was faking that conversation with sooky to protect her??? Really?

  • Samaneh

    I choose Sookie without any hesitation.actually I was a fan of Team Eric and Sookie But After Sookie’s new damn love interest I hate her..She was always too damn annoying.anyone here agree?

  • SSisforsuperslut

    I choose Sookie. Her character makes no sense. Ever. First she effs everything she meets within a day even though im supposed to believe she’s some southern sweet virgin belle. Second she should have been dead like 6 seasons ago(yes i know theres only 6 now). I dont care how cute you are everyone you meet will not die for you. If you were in a bank that was being robbed and you stood up and said “im not afraid of you robber come to my house so i can help you be a better person with my positive attitude and vagina because i am so nice” he would shoot you not fall deeply in love with you. Its ridiculous at this point. Someone kill her please! (BTW Australian actress+southern accent=cartoon character)

  • no


  • Xmault

    Tara sucks, kill her off already!

  • jamu

    I will never understand the Tara hate… like she’s he only normal one. I know that if all of that crazy shit happened to me I would be pissed off too… instead though * Abused female character with anger issues* Fandom: Ew whats wrong with her, why is she so cautious over her bestfriend. * true love dies* Fandom: All shes doing is whining she needs to get over her dead boyfriend, all she does is whine. * Get’s kidnapped by crazy rapist vampire, Eric and Bill leave her* Fandom: Why does she hate vampires so much, whats wrong with her, why is she so mad…. And so it goes on. Shes lashing out because she’s around a girl who constantly is around danger bringing her in danger, 2 vampires who have shown to not really care about her well being and would rather have Sookies super snatch than help her, and a crazy mother. So she lashed out at Sam I mean she’s not exactly used to a stable relationship. I just don’t understand I feel like a normal person would react that way and that’s what she serves. A normal perspective from all of the crazy shit going on. Sorry ending rant now.

    • xnerd

      Tara is a super racist idiot with zero common sense that is prone to unreasonable fit of rage and tantrums like a 3 year old and you can’t understand why people don’t like her? Really really?

  • EdlerWedler

    I love Jessica! <3
    And Tara is annoying! :D

  • Rina

    Wow, Sookie tries to help people and gets a 9. Tara tries to kill herself after being turned into what she hates the most and gets a 10. Bill suffocates and almost drains the woman he professed to love and gets a 7. And Eric basically gets a 0. Wow. I don’t even know what to say.

  • Arnaud Canto

    I wouldn’t say Sookie annoys me … she just bores me. I now just happen to skip some of the scenes where Anna Paquin is again acting so pathetically so I can actually enjoy the rest of the show. Why ? Cause I know she’s gonna cry every 2 scene or trying to get explanation from a 1000 years old vampire in his own bar (realistic isn’t it ?) or fall into Bill’s or Eric’s arms alternatively. Damn series where good when there wasn’t so much teenager love stories in them. Seems HBO became really good ad denaturing original stories replacing action scenes that are actually interesting by sex ones (seems to me writers can’t come up with a real story and fill up blanks with a sex scene). Last comment : can any of the director tell Anna Paquin to stop over playing (just have a look at her stride each time she plays angry) and crying please.

  • wow1234

    i hate you. i hate this. i hate everything this show stands for…

  • This is my favorite part of the whole thing; it’s totally true and he is BY FAR thee best character on the show!

    “Eric Northman
    Don’t be ridiculous. Of course it’s not Eric.”

  • Sam

    I gotta disagree about Jessica. She bugs the crap outta me. But my number one will be Sookie. She is just so self righteous all the time and for no conceivable reason men fall for her. She has grown more and more intolerable as the show goes on. And as far as I’m concerned Pam doesn’t have a single annoying moment. She is pure entertainment.

  • Hello

    Tara and Arlene, I started skipping their stories after episode 1, they were so annoying I couldnt even stand looking at their faces.

  • Flow

    I wasn’t surprised but i was i bit dissapointed when i saw that Tara was no 1 anoying. I personally love Tara, she is so down to earth and funny. Now as a vamp i think she is the bomb!
    She was so loyal to Sooky even when she was really annoying, she has more layers than Sooky does and she even looks better

  • Syrah

    It’s hard to understand that we even have to explain why exactly Bill is such an annoying charcter, isn’t it? Honestly, it baffles me some people can be so blind and say things like ”he banged his gr-gr-gr-gr-gr daughter but it’s okay, it doesnt’t count and he took care of it by glamouring her”… oh wauw…

  • Margaux

    Bill totally wins for the most annoying character.

    He looks old. Time is not on his side.

    He’s lied, cheated (he was released from Lorena so he could have said No to sex with her), and manipulated Sookie since season 1. At the end of season 3, he had the chance to come clean to Sookie and tell her everything. But what does he do? Tries to kill Eric instead.

    Alex beat him out for leading actor at the scream awards last year and it’s clear who the better actor and vampire is, no matter how many BL meltdowns there are.

  • Julie Bing

    Sam and Andy always annoyed me. But I think it’s because I find their story lines boring as hell.

    I have hopes that Sookie will be more independent in this season. Although Alcide, (who is annoying the shit out of me with his Sookie obsession) probably won’t ever leave her side.

    I loved the whole scene with Jessica comforting Tara. Hopefully Tara won’t be such a FUCKING GOD DAMN pissed of hooker (lol) and takes advantage and goes on adventures with Pam and Jessica.

    Arlene. Get over it. If she doesn’t get accustomed that there’s supernatural shit going on. Then LEAVE Bon Temps.

    I don’t care what anyone says, I loved Bill and Sookie in season 1.

    • Love the TB fan-base’s passion. And yeah, “Pissed off hooker” does describe Tara sometimes.

      • Julie Bing

        I will take that as a compliment =)

    • I am so glad to hear reason.
      These are the true annoying characters not Bill and Sookie.

      • yousuck

        10 most annoying True Blood characters (in order):
        1. Sookie
        2. Sookie
        3. Sookie
        4. Sookie
        5. Sookie
        6. Sookie
        7. Sookie
        8. Sookie
        9. Sookie
        10. Sookie

      • yousuck

        10 most annoying True Blood characters (in order):

        1. Bill

        2. Bill

        3. Bill

        4. Bill

        5. Bill

        6. Bill


        8. Bill

        9. Bill

        10. Bill

        Sookie and Bill win, hands-down. Now they can rule over AnnoyingAsFuck Land while screwing each other like whores. =)

  • NJ

    I tire of people ragging on Tara. She just died for Pete’s sake Can a sista at least get 24 hours to get over it? Unfortunately for her, vamp blood doesn’t seem to have to the same instantaneous forgive and forget effect on her as it does on Sookie so she actually has to deal with shit. Sookie at least gets kissed and romanced before she’s screwed, literally and figuratively. Tara just gets screwed and has realistic reactions. That’s not annoying, it’s relatable. I don’t get, however, why she’s so mad for taking a bullet for Sookie. If she loved her enough to do that, she should still love her now.

    Sookie is one of the most annoying characters, IMO. She guaran-damn-tees that she’s staying away from vampires in faery and goes back on her word as soon as she gets home. I do appreciate that she didn’t stay away from one in particular. ;) Anywho, she cried when Eric and beehl were about to off themselves for her and also in the ring of fire. Seriously? Lightning Fingers! Hello! Now she’s drunk and about to screw the wolf the day after killing his gf. I can’t get much worse than that.

    What I find most annoying about beehl is all the contradictions that writers want us to just forget about when the mood strikes them. One moment beehl is Mr. Humaniteh and Mainstream and the next he’s watching Sookie get beat to death, turns her into his personal fairy hybrid soda fountain, murders her uncle in cold blood and fang rapes an old lady. Season 5 commends him for being a great king that effectively handled the witch conflict. We saw a reign riddled with failure where Sookie and Jesus saved the day. This isn’t about hating beehl, it’s about bad writing. For beehl to be viewed as a great king, effective leader with his humanity in tact, they have to do more than just say it. His actions must align.

    Jessica and I have a love / hate relationship. She’s so annoying at times but it’s somehow endearing. She’s a skank-hoe for breaking up the bros.

    Ditto on the ViKing! He makes the dreaded bromance bearable.

    • He has made up for time and time again. Walking into sunlight, saving Sam (her best friend), Tara, even looked out for Hoyt in 2.
      How much does the poor guy have to do make up for it.

      Eric has done tons of evil and people love him.

      We like who we like.

      Tara is annoying cause all she does is bitch and complain. She hates on whites and vampires. Now she gets irony.

      • NJ

        To say that Tara hates whites is just ridiculous. Her former best friend, her former lovers and mother figures were all white and she loved them. She’s been in love with Jason her whole life. She went willingly into a relationship with a white vampire. Tara sacrificed her life for a white person.

        Tara was the one being hated on by vampires. They kidnapped, glamored, abused, betrayed and attacked Tara. She joined the witches to protect herself from, yet, another vampire who sought to do her harm. That’s not hate. That’s self-defense. You call her fate irony. I say it’s a tragedy, the same as if she’d become an alcoholic parent. The irony is that through being turned, she is liberated from a perpetual cycle of being victimized by vamps and humans, alike. Best of all, it looks like all of that pinned up aggression and bitchiness is going to work in her favor.

  • Hot2Trot

    This is obviously just a dumb fake poll created by hard up Askars fans just so they can mock and riducule Bill/Stephen Moyer, nothing but pathetic arseholes!

    • Syrah

      Uhm, no, but seeing bill is so hated.. Truth hurts, huh? And mind your language please, have some decency.

    • I totally agree! They need to get over it and see who the star really is.
      I have no prob with Eric. I just prefer Bill. I think it is pathetic to pic on Bill and back up why.
      Only dumb replies like he banged his great great grnad-daughter.
      1) They are so distant that it doesn’t count.
      2) He did not know she was his great great grand-daughter.
      3) he took care of that. He galmoured her and that was that.

      The only thing that annoys them is we love him, Anna loves him and millions of other fans love him. Wahhh…. poor baby.

      • sorry not back it up..

        • Oh BTW most of the cast are Team Bill and guests. Also They are Bill/Sookie shippers. Read some news sometimes.

  • Jo

    Bill of course, that guy is annoying and pompous

    • What is more annoying is comments like yours when you having nothing to back up your comment.

      I will tell you why he is not:
      1) Sexy
      2) King
      3) Badass
      4) Devoted and totally there for Sookie and her friends and family.
      5) always picked first for love making ( IE/ Sookie and Salome)
      6) Saved all the vampires in the BonTemps area except one.
      7) Better maker than Pam or Eric.
      I rest my case! IMO!

      • @ Oh well you can not please everyone can you. What I am persoanlly sick and tired of is the bashing. I never bash Eric or anyone else but others feel they have to bash bash Bill. He is the Star next to Sookie.
        What is worse is when they bash Stephen. He is wonderful human being who does tons for charity and devoted to Anna and his kids. That kind of bashing makes me sick. I haven’t seen any on here but that kind I hope you agree is something should not go on.

        What I am personally sick and tired of is you complaining about people bashing Bill. You chime in with your immature comments as if we were speaking of a real person. It does my head in really. He is not real and won’t get his feelings hurt. Go ahead and bash Eric, it will be no big deal if you do. Trust me, it won’t be any skin off my nose.

        I can’t speak about talking bad about Stephen Moyer personally as that is something I don’t know much about.

        • I hear it constantly and bashing someone who loves a character is sickening to. I have seen tons of Stephen bashing on here. Not liking Eric will start a WAR. Now who doesn’t know who is real.

          Stephen Moyer plays Bill Thomas Compton King of Louisianna
          Alex Scarsguard play Sherrif of area 5.

          There does that show I know what’s what?!

          People can be devoted to a character and team (baseball, footaball)
          for me bashing Bill is like you bash me. I think you can put in a vote without bashing the character. There have been some intellegent answers on here that were not bashing.
          If you didn’t want comments why did you make it a open forum?

        • But no one was bashing you at all. I have no idea what you are even talking about with your “who doesn’t know who is real” comment. I and many others do not care if you talk about Eric at all. It is your opinion. The only time anything is said is when Bill’s behavior always gets an excuse when he has done something wrong.

      • jo

        is you’re needing an eye exam LOL. list a award or wtw for being sexy that “bill” won? no! forget it! because they are IMAGINARY. nothing you say will change MY opinion, or a majority opinion.

  • Millarca

    Haha! Good to see my top 3 irritating characters are first, second and third in this poll. It was a coin toss between Sookie and Bill for me, but I ended up voting for Bill. There is just so much about that character that is annoying, in fact not much that is not annoying. I will never understand why in this show, which is ostensibly based on the books, this unattractive, boring, uninteresting, nasty, self-loathing weasel of a character has been written as lead male rather than subordinate male. In the books he was a subordinate character, and for good reason. Though I voted for Bill, the coin toss could have gone either way, because I also find Sookie incredibly annoying. The much loved lead character from the books has been destroyed by the writing in this show. She is an irritating, unintelligent, self-absorbed, whiny, and unlikeable woman. Surprisingly I have come to find Tara less irritating this season now she is a vampire. In previous seasons it would have been a dead heat between the three of them for me, but at the moment I place her a length behind Bill and Sookie in the annoying stakes. Actually IMO the show would be vastly improved by removing Bill and Sookie from it completely.

    • I think you are living ina dream if you think they would ge rid of the stars.
      What is wrong with you people! He has done more for everyone on there then anyone.
      You need to go back and watch all 4 seasons and see how much he has saved people.

      BTW he lied to protect SOOKIE not to hurt her. He offed his own queen to save her and a authority.
      You need to wake up and smell the TB burning in the mic.

      • Syrah

        We’ve got a major billusional here. I feel so sad for people who try to make everything bill has done sound like it’s alright.

        oh and he almost killed her at least twice (let her get beaten up to the brink of death by the Rattrays to give her his blood to make her fall in love with him, and almost drained her savagely…) but that’s okay right? :)

        • He was drained by Psychopath and did not know what he was doing! We all know he did what he did. He was forgiven by Sookie. That means, yes, he is forgiven for his mistakes.
          You can not find anything wrong with him so you bring up the past constantly. He has made up for that time and time again.
          He did not know Sookie. He was working for the authority so that is why he went after her to find out what she really was. He used what ever possible to do that. When you are vampire authority they do that. IE/ Roman, Salome, Nora…
          No matter what people think of Bill to me he is awsome and the best thing on TB. I just wish people would stop pissing all over him.
          Eric , Sam, Hoyt, Jess, Tara, everyone on TB has done things they regret doing. Get over it.

      • We know they won’t get rid of the leads but we CAN and WILL give our opinion as to the way Sookie is written has ruined the show. I will also give my opinion on Bill in any way I see fit and no amount of whining and complaining from about you will change that. You really should give it up already on trying to convince us that you are right but since you are entitled to your opinion as much as I am, go ahead and keep trying. I just want you to know that it won’t work, ever.

        • Oh well you can not please everyone can you. What I am persoanlly sick and tired of is the bashing. I never bash Eric or anyone else but others feel they have to bash bash Bill. He is the Star next to Sookie.
          What is worse is when they bash Stephen. He is wonderful human being who does tons for charity and devoted to Anna and his kids. That kind of bashing makes me sick. I haven’t seen any on here but that kind I hope you agree is something should not go on.

    • FO! I am a Bill’sbabe and I am offended by the crap you just spued!!

      You evidently do not have taste. He has won countless awards for being a sex symbol and he is the most handsome man I have ever seen!

      What i can not figuire out is people think Eric is so sexy. I don’t hate him but he (to me) he looks like a boy with his bare chest.

      If anyone is a weasel it is Alcede for going after someone who was taken in 3 and the way he took advantage of her when she was drunk. Puking it what he deserved and that is what you said nothing but that!!!

      • Millarca

        Steady on there! I didn’t “just” spew (that is the correct spelling) anything. I lodged that post days ago, and you had already responded to it once.

        I am astonished at your statement that Bill Compton has won countless awards for being a sex symbol; I suspect that might have been in your dreams. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though, and if you consider him to be the most handsome man you have ever seen, that’s fine. But are you talking about Bill Compton or Stephen Moyer? There is a difference, but some people seem to have trouble recognising the distinction. And if Compton is the most handsome man you have ever seen, I think you should look at a few more men.

        I don’t find Bill at all attractive, either physically or personality-wise, but I do find Eric sexy in both ways. I’m rather partial to the look and personality and manner of Alex Skarsgard, too. And, by the way, Eric/Alex does not have a bare chest, he just has blond hair and it’s not easy to see. Joe Manganiello is the one with the incongruously bare chest.

        • Obviously you haven’t seen Bill with his first hook-up in season 4. He blows Eric and Al away. IMO. Yes, I do mean Bill. Him being played by the wonderful Stephen Moyer is just icing on the cake.
          If the cast loves him then I do. I have loved him from the day he walk into merlottes. He is the main reason I watch TB and always will be. I think dumping all over him and calling him a weasel, wich you did do, and insulting people who’s spelling isn’t always good, BTW Enstein had bad spelling to; is just plain dirty. This is the last time i will respond to such a unrespectful page. Do you people, and I use that lightly, insult down syndrom kids or people with ADD to.
          I have a learning disability. Be more careful who you insult in the future.
          Eric lovers like you are the reason I did not associate with Eric fans.
          Fortunately I found some wonderful ones else where. No matter if you troll or not I will keep being a Proud Bill’sbabe.
          I hope this page is a complete failure and no more Bill hating pages come into the net. I wish for chocolate air to but i guess i can hope.

          • yousuck

            Oh fbforbill!
            You’re such a retard. Down’s syndrome or not, dyslexia or not. whatever.
            You’ll always be a moron. Deal with it.

          • yousuck

            btw u said
            — “This is the last time i will respond to such a unrespectful page. Do you people, and I use that lightly, insult down syndrom kids or people with ADD to.I have a learning disability. Be more careful who you insult in the future.”
            No that wasn’t your last reply, obviously you’re so retarded you can’t count, not to mention spell.
            Yes, I insult retards with/without Down’s syndrome, autistic freaks, asperger’s patients, dyslexic morons — the lot of ’em…
            The last line — “Be more careful who you insult in the future” — I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me NOT GIVING a fuck <3 :-*
            — yousuck (pun intended)

        • Now I am taking offense once again by your words. First off, no one made fun of anyone with down’s syndrome, where did that come from? Second, you have no room to talk about making fun of people being rude when you called someone ‘stupid’ in another post on this board. You don’t want someone to be rude to you then don’t be rude to them. Rude is as rude does. If you like Bill, that is fine but not everyone does and you ragging on them about it is not going to change how they feel. You are not accomplishing anything with this tirade you went on today. By the way, this is not an Eric site, this site talks about different shows on HBO is you looked around the site to see what it is all about. By all means go back to the sites you mentioned earlier if that is your wish.

  • I choose Bill and I do not think that this would surprise anyone who knows me or read my posts. Sookie is a very close second because I kept waiting for her to become more independent and take care of herself. I would like a more badass Sookie but it is quite simply not in the cards. I can no longer root for her due to this reason and she is supposed to be the protagonist. Tara was right when she said that there will always be someone there to save her.

    • How is he cause he is King, saved Sookie countless times, and now Bon Temps people and vampires.
      Hummm to me that would be HERO.Even Eric looks up to him.

      • Syrah

        hummmm, no he doesn’t, because bill is so damn short ;)

        • Syrah


        • It was a comparrison sodahspeek.
          Stephen is average hight.

          What the F*ck it wrong with 5’11”!

          That was all you had? WTF LMAO

          He isn’t a girraf who is bent over the hunchback of Notradam.. Just kidding like you. huh?

      • I do not recall asking for a reason why FBFORBILL. I simply stated who I voted for and how Sookie was a close second to Bill for most annoying. Your post did not even make any sense.

        • Only because you do not know reason.
          I was asking what made Bill so annoying ?

          His way he saved the whole freaken town from a Psycho witch or the way he has looked out for Eric, Pam, Jessica, Jason, and Sookie. and on and on. Hummm I guess being responsible is annoying.
          Yes! Eric! He brought silver over to Sookie when he knew Sookie and Eric had hooked up. You could see it killed him but he put asside his feeling and looked out for his own nemesis.
          Why? Because he has a heart unlike some on here.

        • @Only because you do not know reason.
          I was asking what made Bill so annoying ?

          His way he saved the whole freaken town from a Psycho witch or the way he has looked out for Eric, Pam, Jessica, Jason, and Sookie. and on and on. Hummm I guess being responsible is annoying.
          Yes! Eric! He brought silver over to Sookie when he knew Sookie and Eric had hooked up. You could see it killed him but he put asside his feeling and looked out for his own nemesis.
          Why? Because he has a heart unlike some on here.

          I will give you a reason Bill is annoying to me. It is because he does not own up to anything he does and nor does he apologize in a heart-felt manner. He says it and brings on the tears but it comes off as fake to me.Everything he did was someone else’s fault or he was on a mission. His fans do the same thing. He tells half-truths when he should just come clean. He did not save the whole town from Marnie, he saved some vampires. Bill may have killed Marnie but it was Sookie, Holly and her Gran that saved Bill and Eric in the finale.

          Sookie is annoying for the way she is written, her character should be stronger by now and she screams a lot. Sookie should be made of stronger stuff by now.

        • Syrah

          Seriously, he brought the silver over for Eric because he’s the king and Eric is the Sherrif of Area 5… He had to.

  • Karma Police

    I don’t agree that Sookie is the most annoying. Her decision to reject both suitors was annoying, but in her defense, she was against turning Tara. Plus she gets dragged into almost all of the bad things that happens to her. Nobody asked Tara to take a bullet for her. She has literally saved the life of nearly every character on that show including Bill (season 3&4), Sam(season 2), Tara (season 2&4), Eric(season 3&4), Pam(season 3&4), Jessica(season 4), Godric(season 2), her brother (well she saved him from jail time in season1)

    It’s also very annoying that she gets slut shamed all the time. I mean she’s 25 and has slept with TWO guys. How is that slutty?

    My vote is Tara the perpetual self loathing victim….

    • krtmd

      I’d agree that Sookie gets called a slut a lot, for little reason IMO. But I didn’t see anyone call her that here, in the post or in the comments.

      I find it sad that, with all the great material the SVM has provided for a strong and interesting heroine, we end up mostly watching TB Sookie scream and react impulsively.

      • Karma Police

        Agreed. No one in this post called her that, but I see that particular comment on forum after forum.

        There is so much source material out there for her that I’m sad that she’s relegated to the role of screaming victim or sex object.

        • I think they try really hard to make her strong and a “badass” but she just ends up looking squeaky and annoying. Maybe it’s because we know every other character could kick her ass?

    • NJ

      I won’t call her a slut but . . . according to her own timeline, (as opposed to TB’s) in about 3-4 weeks she has slept with 3 guys; beehl in her messy room, Forest, foyer, chair bed and Viking paradise with Amnesia Eric and now drunk sex with Alcide. It doesn’t look good for the Sookster.

      • Karma Police

        You won’t call her a slut but you will imply that she is one? Nice.

        And just to clarify, I’m not entirely sue she had sex with Alcide.

        • NJ

          . . . and the horse you rode in on. I stated the obvious in response to the comment “Sookie gets called a slut a lot, for little reason.” 3 men in 3 weeks is a helluva reason. You responded “that she’s relegated to the role of . . . sex object.” Sex Object/Slut – Potato/Potahto. Something is amiss no matter the lingo.

        • Karma Police

          …Yeah and the horse I rode in on… Sorry I don’t slut shame people. I think its a complete double standard.

          BTW- Sex Object and slut are TOTALLY not the same thing.

          And she did not have sex with 3 men in 3 weeks. if you’ll remember there was a whole year in between S3 and S4…

          But using your own (albeit flawed) logic, then you would have to call nearly everyone on that show a slut.

          Tara- slept with Eggs/Sam/Naomi
          Sam – Tara/Luna
          Eric – Yvetta/Sookie/Nora/Salome
          Bill- Sookie/Lorena/Portia/Ms. Pallum
          Jason – Crystal/Jessica/a bunch of other no namers.
          Arlene – Rene/Terry

          All in the SAME time frame that Sookie slept with Bill and Eric.

        • NJ

          Pulease! Save the sanctimonium. You are trying to turn this debate into whether Sookie is or isn’t a slut. This aint that. I don’t care what fictional character sleeps with whom. No condemnation from me.

          Regarding the time frame – I qualified my statement by noting her own timeline that placed her at home on the same day as she left instead of a year later. Sookie to Bill: “In my mind it was just an hour ago that you broke my heart in a million pieces.” In HER MIND and to her body it’s 3 guys in 3 weeks.

        • Karma Police

          Nope. certainly not doing that, though that seems to be the reason that you dislike her, and yet you defend Tara… So why the double standard?

          No condemnation from you huh? Is that why you said, “I won’t call her a slut but…” then proceeded to call her a slut.

          It’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinion, which after reading all of your posts, I still can’t figure out what that is other than Sookie is a slut and that, “She guaran-damn-tees that she’s staying away from vampires in faery and goes back on her word as soon as she gets home. I do appreciate that she didn’t stay away from one in particular.”

          Somehow insinuating that as long as she’s screwing Eric, she’s no longer annoying. Whose sanctimonious now eh?

        • NJ

          Your argument is all over the place but whatever! How bout we focus on this post, eh?

          You seem to think that because you didn’t actually call her a slut that you get a free pass. Slut-shaming doesn’t have to involve the word slut. It’s the implication that a woman should somehow feel guilty, ashamed or inferior because of that lifestyle. What are you implying with your “Sad” and “Relegated” and “Sex Object” choice of wording? All came from you and are not complimentary by any stretch of the imagination. Combined they carry the same stigma as the 4 letter word that you seem to detest.

        • Karma Police

          Clearly your not comprehending the original post…

          This argument is insane and I’m over it.

    • 2 was Bill.

  • P

    For me, Eric.

    • Are you trying to start a brawl? This would be an effective riot enduing statement..

      • P

        I just hate Eric. Any problem?

    • Syrah

      What planet are you from?

      • P

        What happens? In this page is forbidden to hate Eric?

        • Jenna

          It’s not. You’re free to dislike Eric (for some crazy non-existent reason) but there’s nothing you can really hate him for.

        • P

          The question was “Who’s the most annoying character on True Blood?”
          And Eric scenes are the ones that more bored me in the whole series.
          However, in this fifth season I like him a little more. In the fourth season he was ridiculous in my opinion…

          Anyway, when I hate a fictional character… just hate it. That you do not understand my motives does not mean that none exist.

    • Leif


      • He was in 4. We have a right to our oppinion. This shows this is a Eric page. Just another Bill hating page. WTF!

        • l.m.f.a.o

          Delusional or should I say billusional much? IF this was an Eric page Bill would win this poll hands down ;”D

  • SoBored

    Why is Alcide not listed? His existence in the show is pointless. His only purpose is to take air time from other, far more interesting characters. Also, his character is boring, wimpy, lame and boring. Did I said boring? BOOOOORINZZZZZZZZZZ…..

    • kelli

      Alcide is so annoying and boring that they forgot about him! HA! And three cheers for “Don’t be ridiculous! Of course it’s not Eric.” <3

  • Sorry guys I know the series is named after her but I think it’s hands down Sookie Stackhouse. I don’t mind her sleeping with every male on the show that isn’t her brother. I don’t even mind her annoying exclamations and overractions to every situation.

    No, the worst part about Sookie is that she CAUSES most of the problems swirling around her by HAVING to tell Alcide the truth about the murder (though that ended up working out luckily), by taking advantage of a memory erased Eric, by turning Tara when that’s the last thing she’d ever want. She just makes poor decisions.

    I also think Jessica, Eric’s sister and even Pam are all hotter than her.. just sayin.

    • Leif

      It’s pretty bad when the heroine, protagonist and lead female star of the show is so unliked by fans all across the board. The writing makes it nearly impossible to root for Sookie. It’s so bad.
      Plus I don’t think Anna is all that great of an actress… The Piano was a long time ago, just sayin’.

      I agree that Pam, Nora and Jess are more visually appealing than Sookie, but more than anything I’d like to be able to empathize with the Sookie character, and 5 seasons in…I’m still finding it nearly impossible, sadly.

      • For the record I voted for Tara. Just wish Sookie was hotter, cooler and a bit wiser after 5 seasons. Haven’t seen much development. You’d think she’d be a badass by now but she’s only gotten more annoying.

        • Sookie has not progressed as a character. In season 1 she was badass, she took care of business and did not whine about it. Now that is all she does, whine, moan and cry about it. Things that happen to you are supposed to make you stronger, not weak. She should be more wise now but she is not and that is why she is annoying.

        • hearts desire

          You would think she’s be a badass by now. When was the last time she solved anything? Strangely she seemed hotter, cooler, wiser AND tougher in Season 1.

    • I agree with you sometimes but I just feel sorry for her most of the time.

    • NJ

      Jacob, you say that “I think it’s hands down Sookie Stackhouse” but then vote for Tara? Whassup with that?

      • Lol nice catch NJ. “Annoyingness” is tough to quantify, right? I really dislike Tara the most but I’m deeply upset with Sookie because shes the main character.. its so hard to choose!

        I am a Bill fan though.. not sure what all the hate coming his way is about.

        • Leif

          Don’t be coy, Jacob.

    • Just because Eric’s mind wasn’t there doesn’t mean the REAL Eric wasn’t there. I think he knew what was going on cause he told Bill he knew he loved her still. Doing that to save his own ass, playing on his good heart.

      • Syrah

        Erm Bill was trying to impose the true death on Eric, just cause he had the chance to get rid of him with no reason at all. WHILE ERIC WAS AMNESIAC!!! OMG. Talk about a douche.
        He wasn’t dangerous, he was complient and respectful.

        I bet when Nan passed the true death through ”the appropriate channels” being The Authority with NORA in it, obviously not allwoing the true death forEric. Bill still wanted to go through with it to probably claim later that Eric tried to escape or went crazy and dangerous bla bla. But released him because Sookie would remember the ”favor”.

  • Leif

    Re. Bill; “nearly sleeping with his great-great-granddaughter”

    They most definitely DID have sex on the chair in Bill’s mansion.

    Oh and can someone please call Loreal and tell them that the queen needs a new dye job? That hair could have it’s own spinoff.

    • Hey stupid! Bill didn’t know that she was his grand-daughter and when he did he broke it off immediately.
      Eric took Sookie’s house to OWN HER!
      Steve Newlin is lieing hypocrit and asked to buy someone …hummm just like Eric.
      I like Eric now but if they would said last year I would of voted for Eric hands down ~slanky pampers in all.

      God! You people need to get over the fact that Stephen is the star, married to the co-star, and wonderful actor.

      1) Steve
      2) Tara
      3) Hoyt

      • Millarca

        Eric didn’t TAKE Sookie’s house; he BOUGHT it from her brother who sold it on the open market when she disappeared. He bought it legitimately and did it up to her taste and kept it for her, because he never gave up on her, unlike Bill and Jason and everyone else.

        • Yah he bought it to own her!! dumb ass.

        • He bought to own her cause he could not get her any other way. Oh as a 8 year old child and not himself like some claim.

      • Randy

        Hey stupid!!! I think your trying to say that Steve Newlin is…” A LYING HYPOCRITE”!! Before you call some one stupid, perhaps you should learn how to enable spell check, or learn to proof read. Just sayin….

      • hearts desire

        Hey moron – this isn’t about Stephen Moyer’s acting abilities or his personal file. You need to get over the fact that no one cares nor does any of that make the fictional character he plays on TV any less annoying.

        Sookie is the star of the show and that certainly doesn’t make HER character any more bearable. I don’t see you coming to her defense because you know it’s true.

        • hearts desire

          *personal life*

        • BTW thanks for bashing me FF. I was defending my fave character.
          He is the best thing on TB. Steve Newlin is a liar. He said he had a girlfriend when he claims to be gay. I would call that being a liar.

          I give up trying to defend him to MORONS like you. This is a complete waiste of time.

      • You need to quit being so damn rude by calling people names. The OP knows that he did not know she was his granddaughter, she was just saying that it was a fact that they did have sex in his office chair, instead of nearly having sex. It does not matter that Stephen is married to one of the stars and I don’t know why you and others keep bringing that up when it has nothing to do with what is being discussed. You listen to Alan Ball entirely too much and take it to heart.

        • Well he is the head producer and I think he also made this show.
          I am sorry if i offended you but when someone attacks me I defend myself.

          Stephen has recieved a Saturn award, scream awards, and other awards for playing Bill. He is a wonderful actor. I think bashing him and Bill is sickening.

          Check ASM sometime and see how many fans he has and niot just in there and according to other pages it increased with 4. He was the best in 4 and the Eric Sookie sh*t was annoying. Narnia Sex anyone?

        • How were you defending yourself when Leif said nothing to you or about you. Leif said “Re. Bill; “nearly sleeping with his great-great-granddaughter” They most definitely DID have sex on the chair in Bill’s mansion. Oh and can someone please call Loreal and tell them that the queen needs a new dye job? That hair could have it’s own spinoff.”

          You replied with a very rude “Hey stupid! Bill didn’t know that she was his grand-daughter and when he did he broke it off immediately”. Leif is the one who needed to defend themselves against your words! Why do you constantly bring up that SM and AP are married in RL? What does that have to do with the show and the characters they play? NOTHING AT ALL. Which is why I said you take to heart too much what Alan Ball has to say in that regard.

      • Leif

        Cindy H. says: “I have a learning disability. Be more careful who you insult in the future.”

        AFTER she calls someone stupid, a dumbass and a moron.

        LOL of the day, cupcake. ;)

    • Margaux

      Ah, another person for the ethical treatment of Bill.

      Bill has always been a douche, is a douche, and will continue to be head douche on TB.

      How can you take someone who wears a dead squirrel on their head seriously?

      • Syrah

        LMAO @ dead squirrel *peed myself a little*
        Look, all giggles aside, no one’s bashing the actors damn it, it’s about the frigging CHARACTER which is annoying, which is BILL.

        Oh and FYI… Eric bought her house when Jason sold it on the open market, someone else would be living there if it wasnt for Eric, and she wouldn’t have had her house anymore with all her memories. He also had it decorated and restored to HER likings. He did it because he believed she’d come back, and didn’t move on like BILL and Jason etc. When he was teasing her about buying the house and thinking it came with her in it, it was Eric’s typical humor which Sookie didn’t even get.

        Gosh, get a grip, please.

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