Web Gem Wednesday: Arya Water Dances..again; GoT Fans in College Football; Doreah Kills Irri

By Charlie Harwood on Oct 3, 2012 to Game of Thrones

WebGemWednesday-300x225Unfortunately, it’s a rather slow time for HBO related news and fan creations. Game of Thrones, Girls, and Newsroom are in the off-season and there simply isn’t a lot of Boardwalk Empire material out there. Therefore, Web Gems might be a little short on material until things speed back up. But for today, here are a few Gems for your enjoyment. Cheers.

Ayra Dances…Again

It’s no secret that Maisie Williams is an accomplished dancer. The 15-year old who plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones surprised many of her fans by top rocking on the streets of Bath on a YouTube video. Yesterday, an HBOWatch reader sent me a few links to some other videos of Maisie cutting it up with some friends at summer dancing workshop in Bath.

The first video was posted by Tumblr user FifiBailey, along with this caption:

“Thought I’d give a little treat to Tumblr tonight.
Lucy is editing all my footage I collected from the BDC summer school for a lovely video to put on youtube, however I thought I’d give a little snippet of the street class learning a routine to Skrillex, Bangarang :)”

Here’s the YouTube video for the BDC summer school which features Maisie Williams:

Commentator Refers Arryn Chenault’s Interception to the “Vale of Arryn”

Well, looks like the college football world is becoming quite the place for fans to express their love for Game of Thrones. First off, there was this video of the Florida State band playing the opening theme:

..and now we have a commentator during the VA Tech @ Cincinnati game referring to the show while calling a interception. Take a look:

Doreah Kills Irri in Never-Before Seen Season Two Stills

Fellow HBOWatch writer Serena found some very interesting stills from the Second Season of Game of Thrones recently. They come from official show photographer Paul Schiraldi, and Serena took the liberty of posting some of the more interesting ones on her blog Kissed-by-Fire.com. What’s extremely interesting is that one picture is from a cut scene that show Doreah killing Irri. I’m sure most fans suspected that Xaro killed Irri, but this picture proves otherwise.

These are a few photos that Serena found. Please thank her for finding these amazing pictures by visiting her blog here, or you can also follow her on twitter.

Please let us know what you think about this week’s Web Gems by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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