True Blood Writers Begin Work on Season 5

By Jacob Klein on Dec 13, 2011 to True Blood

As the winds of winter nip at your extremeties this winter, fond memories of True Blood summers gone by come to mind.  This summer will be no different with True Blood Season 5 making it’s way to HBO’s air sometime in June of 2012.  The official True Blood production blog updated today with a post announcing that ‘The Writers are Back in Session‘.  It seems that show-runner Alan Ball is busy casting new characters and finding locations for the new season whilst the art department works on set plans and blueprints.  Things are rumbling in Bon Temps!

With the writers back in session toiling over season 5, Alexander Woo took a few minutes to chat with the Gianna, the resident blogger about what he’s been up to.

Gianna:  So what did you do over the hiatus?

Alexander:  I went and got married.  We had three receptions all over the country, so we traveled a lot. Then went on our honeymoon, and attended another wedding before coming back to town.

Gianna:  Now that the writers are back in session, what are you guys and gals up to?

Alexander:  We have gathered to discuss the storylines and themes of Season 5, and scripts for the first half of the season are being written. We are preparing to shoot Episode 1 right now.

Gianna:  Have you read any scripts yet for the new season?

Alexander:  I’ve read episodes 1 and 2, and I’m very excited about them.

Gianna:  Do you know which episodes you’ll be writing?

Alexander:  There are six writers and twelve episodes, so I will be writing two. I’m doing episode 4 now, and another one toward the end of the season.

Gianna:  Is there anything you can share with us about next season?

Alexander:  Some of the things that people loved in the first four seasons of ‘True Blood,’ you’ll be getting more of. And there will also be some surprises that will hopefully delight everyone. We have a sense of what the fans have already enjoyed in the previous seasons, and we’re doing our best to give our fans more of that but also leave some room for novelty and surprise.


HBOWatch – Surprises and more!  Well we wouldn’t expect any less from the superb showrunners behind HBO’s uber-successful True Blood.  We’ll keep you updated with the latest news as we get it.  Once the show begins filming we should start to hear more.

  • Jefd

    I am always so far behind. I have yet to watch Season 4; correction I still have an episode or two to see of Season 3. Someday I’ll catch up.

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