True Blood Season 7 Begins Filming

By Jacob Klein on Jan 5, 2014 to True Blood

With so many HBO shows premiering this time of year you may have taken your eyes off of True Blood for the winter.  But at HBO Watch we’ll never let you down.  We caught this tweet from Deborah Ann Woll yesterday:


If you haven’t heard already season 7 will be True Blood’s final flight. We expect it to premiere at its normal time of “Summer 2014“.


One other small nugget of True Blood news while we have your attention: As we learn more and more about the seventh and final season of “True Blood,” talk of recasting is already in the air. James (Luke Grimes) played Jessica’s vampire lover/boyfriend at the end of the sixth season. They met in a room where they were told plainly to “have sex,” which James refused to do. By the next episode, however, Jess and James were suddenly much more than friends. While we don’t know yet who will be playing James (or who Jessica’s romantic interest will be this season), we do know that Grimes is off to play Christian Grey’s older brother in the movie adaptation of EL James’ novels. When we know more about the recast or any additional “True Blood” news, we will let you know.

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Chasity Tosh McMinnis

I love true blood and when it goes off I will be canceling HBO!! Also there are more books than shows, what about Quinn or Eric marrying another vamp or sookie hooking up with Sam ?!?!

Don’t like, don’t watch.. I hate real housewives, so that means I won’t take time out my life to go a real housewives article and say something negative.. Americans are fucking freaks.. STFU and go about your life

I love true blood I re-watch them all year round, please don’t end on season 7!!!

True blood is rubbish these days. Here’s what they need: a spin off with Eric and Gordric about when Eric was made then after that and the Godric/ Pam/ Eric years when they were all badass and really wild. NO Sookie, NO Bill. No-one else apart from Lafayette maybe.

Yes, Oh my god! I totally agree. :)

pi*sed true blood is ending… to much story to rap up in 10 episodes they should atleast keep the series open for 10 whole seasons at least they can get all the storys together and finish it properly not rushed

so looking forward to season 7 but sad it’s the last one

Got to agree with the other girls here. I’ve loved True Blood since the beginning but I think we’re definitely getting to the point where it’s strayed from what initially made it so great. Here’s to hoping there’s some redemption in it’s last season.

While I do think the show has run it’s course and I’m kind of glad to see it wrapping up before it gets even worse. I did love it so, once! I liked James, though, he was so handsome. That’s kind of a bummer. :P

Good job, Jacob! I know hundreds (heck, thousands!) of people are upset over the show being cancelled, but let’s all hope that, in the last season, some of the magic from the first three seasons reappears.


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