TRUE BLOOD – Back To Basics in Season Seven

By Jef Dinsmore on Aug 20, 2013 to True Blood

Trueblood_7As we now conclude the shortened Season Six of TRUE BLOOD with all its burning questions we can now focus already on Season Seven. Executive Producer Brian Buckner had this to say about it.

“I feel like this show is ultimately about the relationship between vampires and humans and it’s about this town. I want to bring it in a little bit. I feel like at times we’ve hurt ourselves. My goal is to get all these people living under the umbrella of one story and one threat … and make it about this small town we’ve all come to know and love.”

That really makes sense I think. After all what got us involved in the show, unless you were interested in the Harris’ novels first, was the story of all the crazy people of Bon Temps Louisiana in that first season. As the seasons went on more and more characters were added with that the story got further away from its beginnings. That sentiment has been quite evident from the TRUE BLOOD fan base and the show-runners are listening.

Now let’s hope this doesn’t mean the arrival of another Maenad! It will be interesting to see how the cliff-hanger of this season will play out and how the show will ‘settle town’ its storytelling without losing the action we have come to expect from TRUE BLOOD. Now that all these werewolves, shape-shifters and Fae have been introduced we can’t just ignore them next season. Have they already started trimming down characters and plotlines with the way Season Six has ended?

We have plenty of time to discuss the ramifications of all this and you can be sure that HBOWatch will be attentive to any TRUE BLOOD news trickles in. We have already been glamoured by the spell of Season Seven coming in 2014.


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I’m a true blood fan from the start but I have to say this last season was really all over the place. I would eagerly wait to watch on Mondays because if I watched Sunday nights I would be so pumped from the episode I wouldn’t sleep lol. Now this season I would wait until Wednesday or Thursday to watch. I didn’t like how the made alcide a jerk. He was a good guy. He hated the other pact master because he was such an in humane person. Then they turned him into the same guy they killed off. Then… Read more »
Alcide became a jerk because he became pack leader to show how power can corrupt, it fits with what Bill said about the General who went mad with power, which was why he asked Jessica to help him keep it real. Sookie is part fae but she’s also had a lot of vampire blood which could explain her sleeping with different guys so quickly, V makes people horny. I think the vamps couldn’t break out of the camp because they could be exposed to UV or shot with the UV bullets, there could have been silver in the gates too,… Read more »

Faeries are the most promiscuous race on the supernatural totem. You saw how old girl just jumped Andy’s bones without knowing much of anything about the man, just so she could bring more fae into the world. Not to mention the whole orgasmic ritual of childbirth. I believe she said that she had given birth 500+ times since she first learned how. So, it only makes sense why most supernatural beings would be attracted to her.

I love everything about True Blood! However i would looove looove to c eric and Pam get together maybe a lil back ground on how they even crossed paths…i know she was a whore so pam said…I would want to see lafayette more and maybe some more people of color that arent related…would love to see tara step it up i believe she can become a master kinda sor…t of maybe see how or if the relationship better/worse with her turning her mom into a vampire…ball could be in tara’s court…i would love to see jason and jessica get it… Read more »

They did have a flash back of how Eric met Pam when she worked at the brothel that he stumbled upon. That was an entire episode, how did you not see that one?

Has anyone noticed what’s wrong with this photo? Where’s Pam? Has anyone seen a vampire by the name of Pamela Swinford D’boise? HAS ANYONE SEEN MY FRIEND PAM??? Now if this is the new picture of season 7’s cast I was ever so glad to see all of the actor’s from the beginning of season 1 except for Pam. Out of all of the actor’s on this show the 2 standout’s have been Eric and Pam. Alcide? Alcide? she ends up with F_cking Alcide?!?! Has anyone else forgotten what an asshole he was last season? The only role I cared… Read more »
I don’t mind fewer story lines, but if they are going back to a Bill and Sookie romance and making Eric into only a ghost or a memory next season, I’m done. I’ve been patient since season 4 waiting for a meaningful Eric and Sookie reunion because that was the only thing that truly held my interest amongst increasingly chaotic and nonsensical storylines. If it is clear that I’m never going to get it, I’m moving on, no matter what they do with other characters. Too little, too late at this point. So sad because I have loved this show… Read more »

Thank God. I may start watching it again if they rein it back to vampires and shapeshifters, and maybe werewolves. I couldn’t keep going after season 4. Too may supernatural creatures, too many characters. Seasons one and two were great- three starting languishing. True Blood isn’t the smartest show out there, but it can at least keep a track of all its plot lines and give them all a satisfying ending before moving on to something rather inane. In any case, I’m glad the head honchos of HBO are listening up.

I just dont understand how they thought going down the political and fae story line route would be better then seasons 1 and 2. it was kinda corney at times with the whole fae and her grandfather trying to kill warlow. I felt like they had to give some kind of story to sookie bc she wasnt with bill or eric and i think that they desperately need her to end up with eric for viewers to be happy because that was the only relationsip that was hot and steamy. her and bill were good in season one but became… Read more »

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