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How to Subscribe to HBO & Where to Sign Up

May 8, 2017 [Updated]

If you’ve arrived here you’re most likely already sold on the idea of signing up for a premium content stream like HBO.  Maybe you’re finally ready to join the water cooler conversations with your friends about Game of Thrones, Girls and Boardwalk Empire.  Maybe you’re tired of flat, predictable television shows that seem to get stupider every year. Or maybe you just love the idea of watching your favorite shows online, anytime with HBO Go. Whatever your reasons, we’re glad you’re ready to become HBO fans like us and we’re here to walk you through the subscription process which can be achieved a number of different ways.

Subscribe to HBO Online

If you’re already a cable subscriber this might be one of the more convenient ways to start your quest for HBO. Though doesn’t allow you to subscribe directly from their site they do provide you with a helpful list of links that will get you where you need to be.  As of this writing the page looks like this:


The links take you to your cable provider’s home page or support center to get you where you need to be. Depending on your provider you may be able to call in, use live chat or sometimes you’re even able to sign in and add HBO right away. It’s tough to say how long it will take to actually start watching HBO using this method but if you already have a username and password for your cable company you should be able to access HBO Go as soon as you sign up or shortly thereafter. Ask your service representative to be sure.

A question that often gets asked is whether or not you can subscribe to HBO without a cable provider; a standalone HBO Go service if you will. The answer right now is: no. HBO works closely with cable providers and has not yet decided to offer it’s network outside of a cable provider. This is supremely disappointing to many but we expect HBO to move in the right direction in the coming years and some providers are even offering smaller internet packages for “cord-cutters” that simply include HBO Go.

Use DIRECTV NOW to get HBO for Free Online

If you’re an AT&T Wireless Unlimited customer you can get HBO for free and a huge discount on DIRECTV NOW since AT&T owns that company. The deal may not last forever so check it out today. You’ll also get ESPN, AMC, Bravo and most other cable channels in a deal for $10 a month ($35 without the offer). Start your 7 free day trial if you’re in disbelief right now.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

Add HBO To Your Sling TV Package

Sling is an alternative to cable that gives you access to channels like AMC, HBO and ESPN. HBO is an addon so it costs the normal amount (15$) but if you want to get off of cable you should check out the a la carte options available with Sling and all the channels they offer (History, Lifetime etc).

You can sign up or explore the service more here.  There’s a 7-Day free trial so this might be a nice alternative if you just want to give it a chance.

Watch Now Free for 7 Days with Sling

Subscribe to HBO Now (Without Cable!)

HBO Now is the newest App from HBO.  You don’t need a cable subscription, you just need 15 bucks a month (with a free 30 day trial!) and an internet connection.  You asked for it and HBO delivered.  Check it out here.

Subscribe to HBO by Phone

If you’re the old fashioned type or simply want to speak to a real human being your best bet is going to be this handy-dandy 1-800 number HBO has set up for you. Do you have a paper and a writing utensil ready?  Just kidding:


When you call in to subscribe you’ll be asked about HBO, Cinemax or both.  Choose an option and they’ll automatically begin the process of connecting you to your cable provider. This is a great option for those looking for a solution that involves speaking with someone and being walked through the process.

Contact Your Cable Provider Directly


You certainly don’t have to go through HBO to contact your cable provider and ask about HBO options.  Used to calling Comcast a certain way? Give them a call on their normal support line and they’ll get you to the right place.  Heading to your local office or mall kiosk in person? Chances are they’ll be able to give you the information you’ll need on pricing, deals and more. Some carriers even allow existing customers to add HBO directly online through their account options.

This is probably the surest, low-tech way to get HBO added to your cable plan but requires the most time and energy from the customer. An HBO subscription is worth it though!

Deals, Cost and FREE HBO

HBO and Cinemax are often bundled together and “thrown in” for new cable subscribers so be sure to ask about those types of deals. It’s also a common occurrence to see HBO subscriptions tossed towards disgruntled or long-time cable users who call in and ask for a price cut on their bill. Be sure to check out all of the latest deals for new subscribers that come and go seasonally but you could also directly ask your cable company of choice what sorts of deals they’ll give you for bundling HBO with your service.

We detailed the average price of an HBO subscription earlier this year so be sure to check that out.  On average you should expect to pay anywhere from $15-$22 for HBO but often those prices are reduced for new subscribers and you can often get FREE HBO for a limited time so be sure to factor that into your overall price check.

Do I get HBO Go too?


Good news!  For most subscribers an HBO GO login is included with any sign up. Details vary from carrier to carrier but you’ll typically log in with the same username and password that you use to access your cable bill. Ask your provider how it will work exactly for you.

Another option is to check out Amazon Prime which recently announced that a wealth of older HBO content will be available for all Prime members!

With that you’ll be able to watch all HBO shows online anytime, anywhere there’s an internet connection from nearly any device. This alone is worth the price of admission.

However you choose to get there an HBO subscription is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Think of all that vicarious experience and life changing drama you’ll experience from The Sopranos to Game of Thrones to whatever the Home Box Office comes up with next year or the year after that!

We doubt you’ll be left unsatisfied.


  1. I’m Ady from Romania / Europe and I’m subscribed to And I’m glad you exist in Romanian to watch the newest movies and best movie, thank you hbo world very much :)

  2. HBO please make Margit sandemos legend of the ice people in the 200 episode tv serie. It is perfect fantasy story and the caracters intensse and firey love and passionate erotisim is perfect. SO Please please please please grant us this.

  3. Jason Friend /

    I agree, most cable television shows are garbage.

  4. bigeaglejumpingoveralake /

    Why can’t we just drop cable and use X-box, Roku or Chrome stick to get HBO? We’d still need internet access of course, but why should we have to pay $60/month(average) for basic+premium cable TV bill and your channel on top of that for channels that don’t mean anything? Why not let “we the people” have a choice in paying for what we want? $15-$22/month plus internet to watch “King” Jeoffry(sp?) die over and over again. Boom! Done! Sold! No more worries over the other channels we could all care less about. The cable TV companies shouldn’t own us or lock us out of enjoying Suki growing up! This totally blows.

    • Ben the Cable Guy /

      Sling TV is your answer!

    • wanthbowithoutcable /

      ya, cable companies may be paying them to not allow that option, maybe scared of people dropping cable/whatever, i canceled cable cause i dont watch it enough, but would get HBO GO for my apple tv to watch stuff on if it was available

  5. Wants To Pay Not Torrent /

    Can you please allow HBO Go in Canada? All my friends just torrent your shows and talk about them and I never get to see them.. I don’t have cable and I refuse to get cable. Let me pay a subscription to watch your shows online. I want to give you my money but you make it impossible

  6. We have cancelled HBO and while you have freaks like blabber mouth May Her from the SF bathhouses we will not participate. How can any news or broadcast service use this distorted idiot?

    • Darin Cates /

      Ha Ha Ha …. cry a little more.
      Looks like the honest truth still upsets the conservatives who watch Fox news. LOL!!!!!!

  7. Ester Yester /

    I absolutely HATE our cable provider and have cut it down to the bare minimum so that I can’t subscribe to HBO. In order to subscribe to HBO iIhave to have a cable plan that costs $60 before HBO – not doing that because that package provides a whole bunch of useless and why should I pay $60 to be allowed to pay another $15 for HBO – makes no sense.
    MAKE HBO available w/o cable. there are thousands of people in the US who don’t have access to cable let alone HBO so why not make HBO available for streaming online w/o cable?????
    Get with it HBO and stop pandering to the ripoff cable companies!

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      You have obviously missed the news that HBOGo, the online streaming service, will become a stand-alone service in 2015.

      • bigeaglejumpingoveralake /

        I think you missed the “might” or “maybe” part of that message they sent out last year. It’s not a firm thing yet.

  8. Hurry up already and let me watch HBO without cable. You’re killing me. HBO is the only channel worth watching.

  9. Nathalie /

    HBO works closely with cable companies.
    Nice in the past, I’m sure. No longer a working model as consumers HATE the cable gouge and just want to get to your content. Something, I am certain you are all too aware of. My cable company just got fired, and by proxy one less viewer. Enjoy the cable walk of shame on the plank- as you drown your genius content into the mire of greed.

    • Wilsonart04 /

      Dish and cable companies have done this way way to long and its time people stop working to pay for Dish, cell phones and over price things people cant afford. Thank God for this feature that will help us all to EAT and have some fair price entertainment.

  10. bogumila chamiec /

    bogumila chamiec

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