Game of Thrones Season Three to Premiere March 31, 2013

By Charlie Harwood on Jul 13, 2012 to Game of Thrones

Mark your calendars everyone! HBO just tweeted an announcement that Season Three of Game of Thrones will officially premiere on March 31, 2013. With this news, Season Three is set to air almost a year to the day after the second season premiered. Production for the hit fantasy series is on-going and principal photography for Season Three began in Belfast on July 9. The show will span four countries during filming and some new faces will make their directorial debut as well. A massive casting announcement was also released today just as the Game of Thrones Comic-Con panel took the stage. HBO issued a press-release with a list of 14 actors who will play new roles in the upcoming season. An exciting day for all of us Thrones fans!! I’m sure I can speak for everyone by saying that Season Three can’t come soon enough!!


In case you’ve already forgotten what happened in S2, here is a video recap that was shown during the Comic-Con panel:

Author’s Note: Big news day! First the casting list and now a confirmed premiere date! Let’s get some Season Three speculation going on in the comments. Or just rave about how great the show is and how you can’t wait for it to return! We’ve updated the schedule in case you forget between now and 2013.

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At 9pm……HBO ………


What tl the show start at on the 31st????

I mean what time will the show start at?

Is there a marathon of game of thrones season 1 and 2 before the season 3 premiere???????

Sounds like some of you have never read the books. There are plenty of references to sex and the author doesn’t go further to avoid writing a cheesy soft porn. But in video, much is said without saying – a picture says a 1000 words.

If only the little boy would have listened to his mother and not climb then none of this would have happened and his dad would still be alive!

In closing, listen to your parents…sometimes.

2nd worst comment ever

Who the f* wants to start watching a show about deepest winter when we’re only just over the worst of it??

I like watching GAME OF THRONES, but I feel a deep sorrow and pity for Bran Stark. I wish it was Joffrey Baratheon who fell and became crippled, instead of Bran. If Bran was a real person and lived in our world, he would still be crippled and confined to a wheel chair, instead of having Hodor carry him. This is because medical science in our world is not yet advanced enough to regrow nerve cells and make people who suffer spinal injuries able to walk again. On the bright side bright side, in an experiment in Switzerland, scientists were… Read more »

worst comment ever

shut up god, dont you got some people to kill and blame the devil? Some of us know how the devil was humanities true savior.

these series are sooooo awesome. i was looking for a new series to watch and i came across game of thrones. at first i thought it was slow and boring but something about the production, charaters, story line, and general authenticity made me crying out for more game of thrones. overall i really enjoyed these series and cant wait for the rest of the seasons. and i really enjoy the sex scenes lol. dont change anything about the show. and hbo you guys have been outta business but keep at it with these series and youll bounce back.

I really enjoy this series. Note to HBO the gratuitous sex senses really could be cut down b/c the series is that good without it. It really just becomes useless filler.

I disagree. It puts alot into the story. You just have to stop looking at is as filler and sex scenes to gain audience and see it as something to build the character on. Such as the imp, he was a sex-fiend and would bed any wh0re. now he found a love. We can only understand how strong that love is due to the “filler sex scenes”.

*scenes (oops!)

I feel like the start of winter would be a better premier date, given the general theme of the show. They don’t even have spring!!

I had never watched the series until now. In two days I watched both season episodes. Wow! The quality of the film, scenes, actors, and story blew me away! Can’t wait until season 3!

I am so grateful to the people involved in the GoT series. Entertainment value is 100%.They have brought the books to life. Please HBO – be wise and invest in these talented artists or you will risk losing the momentum. My favourite character in the books and the tv is Tyrion Lannister.

Best serie i´ve seen.
Congratulations HBO

What I want to know is will they be filming season 3 and 4 back to back considering they’re from the same book. If they do both they could air the first in march then the next in the fall as they’re filming 5

It is Feast for Crows(4) and A Dance With Dragons(5) that are the 2 books that overlap…to a point. They both begin after Storm of Swords (3)



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