Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere Date CONFIRMED

By Jacob Klein on Jan 9, 2014 to Game of Thrones

April 6th, 2014


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  We’ve know that Game of Thrones season 4 would air in Spring of 2014 but we hadn’t nailed down the exact date.  We now know that it will be the 6th of April of this year!

So start that party planning and check out our countdown on the premiere date.  This air date is similar to those of previous seasons which have aired around the first week in April since season 1.  We’ll be covering all of the news that’s of interest around the new season so be sure to check back frequently.  Here are all the new cast members you can expect to see this year.

We can also confirm that a small teaser may appear alongside the premieres of True Detective and Girls this weekend so be sure to watch HBO this Sunday for that.  It will most likely be a voice over with some words and a flash of Ice and/or Fire but hey, we’ll take anything!

See you in April.

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they should do 12 episodes in one season and every month one episode

if they were 90 minutes or more long, i would love this idea

282 days to go!

waiting on pins and needles for the 5th season.

And now we wait for the 5th season.
A year is such a long time…

fuck i cant wait so log :/

282 days to go not a year ;)

And now our wait begins.

I think Jon Snow is a Targaryen :) I think Ned never cheated on his wife, but was protecting the son of
Rhaegar Targaryen & Ned’s beautiful sister Lyanna Stark. ;)

That’s what me and my friends believe aswell. :)

do anyone know the soundtrack after Queen’s speech in wedding, episode 2, season 4. It’s so excited

Icelandic band

SOOO excited! The premier show is called “two swords” right? Just want to make sure…

It’s supposed to air on 4/6 but I’m stuck here in the south and it doesn’t air until the 7th!?!? WHY!?!?!?

What time will it air, and when will it be available to watch on HBO GO? Trying to have a party but going to suck if it’s on a Sunday, I thought it was coming out the 4th or 5th?

It’ll air at 9pm ET. Nope, GoT has always aired on Sundays.

Also, it should be available straight away on HBO GO, or just a few minutes after 9. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it crashes, given what happened during the True Detective finale.

Hell yea! I can’t wait , I love this series the story is amazing, and the character’s are so easy to relate to. I can’t wait to see Joffrey get what’s coming to him. And I am really curious to see how Jamie deals with the hand he has been delt ( no pun intended ) . And I need to see my favorite imp , I hate his family, but I adore him. So bring it on …we are ready ; )


Can’t wait to see the little bitch, Joffrey, bite it this season.


SO STOKED AND PUMPED. Can I get a, “Hell, YEAH?!”

Hell Yeah!

Seven save us.


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