Game of Thrones Pirates: Redemtion Awaits

By Jacob Klein on Mar 6, 2012 to Game of Thrones

A Raven Comes — To all those who complained about not being able to watch Game of Thrones via any other method than piracy- now is your chance to redeem yourself, good sers!  Like many of the characters in George R.R Martin’s world you are presented with ample opportunity to serve the realm and show Westeros that there is still honor in the seven kingdoms- if only within your own breast.

Not only will you get the sweet, succulent satisfaction of contributing to the longevity and vibrancy of an epic fantasy world the likes of A Song of Ice and Fire,  you’ll also gain access to some of the material that you no doubt missed when you first stole a Game of Thrones online.  Take a look at our full feature on the discs for all the details on the Game of Thrones DVD and Blu-Ray Set to see what you’ve missed out on!

You swore by the old gods and the new that you would have purchased Game of Thrones had it been more convenient for you but as we all know- words are wind.  But there is a time for clemency and that time is now!   Grab your sword and join the rest of us on the adventure of a lifetime.  Let’s show the good lords of HBO that we we’re ready for 7– nay! 10 seasons of Game of Thrones with 10–NAY! 12 episodes each! George R.R Martin has called the banners and we hope you’ll join him, and HBOWatch in his van.  Think of the blood and glory we might bathe in on the morrow!

Amazon has the Blu Ray set for only $34.99 (~ 3 golden dragons) and the DVD set for just $29.99. You can also visit the HBO store for exclusive deals on these sets and other awesome Game of Thrones gear!

We trust you to do the right thing about as much as we trust Joffrey to make sound decisions when it comes to beheadings.  But alas we are honor bound to send this raven and hope for the best.  We hope to see you on the front lines.  You’ll be amongst friends and allys.  Winter may be coming for Game of Thrones on HBO if you fail to heed our call.

I leave you with this inspiring marching tune sung by 3 of the late Eddard Stark’s surviving heirs:

Honorably, Your Fellow Bannerman,

Jacob Klein of House HBO, and the Watch

  • ASOIAF Fan

    Had to dl season one as it’s not shown in original version in my country and the dubbing is just horrible.
    Bought 5 bluray and 4 dvd boxset, i hope that makes up for it.
    If HBO allowed to give them donations to inject directly into GOT budget i would.

    • Haha.. awesome man. Yeah I’ll probably end up buying box sets for a few of our authors here and 1 for myself. I know the numbers will be awesome I just hope HBO gets the message. People will rage if they cancel after 3 or four seasons. This second season will determine a lot– as in can HBO make GoT work post-Sean Bean, with a crazier storyline and not a lot of good things happening to the heroes!

  • This is beat news. I normally won’t buy HBO box sets because of the high price, but $35 is too good to pass it up. Already ordered. Can’t wait til it arrives.

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