Three Preview Trailers for True Blood Season 5

By Jacob Klein on Mar 25, 2012 to True Blood, True Blood Trailers

HBO has finally released a few videos in promotion of the new season of True Blood.  We’d been waiting for a piece of footage from True Blood season 5 for some time not but this is the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse at anything on set.  These aren’t exactly trailers but it does at least give Trubies SOMETHING to do while waiting for this summer.  HBO should release a proper trailer any time now as filming has ceased on the new season.  Expect that some time after the Game of Thrones season begins, possibly during the season premiere of GoT season 2!  Here’s all three of the featured videos for your viewing pleasure:

Not even a proper premiere date HBO? Throw us a bone here! We’ll update our schedule when we know more.

  • Very cool trailer. I think it did a very good job of simnarizumg everything about the stories. It is about slow politics, violence, sex, and betrayals are simply the ink Martin used to write the political story he wanted. I still think this is going to be better than the books.

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