Filming Begins For True Blood Season 6; Manganiello says, “To Be Pretty Wild Season”

By Charlie Harwood on Jan 15, 2013 to True Blood

180378Alright ‘Trubies, this one is for you. During Sunday night’s Golden Globes, Access Hollywood managed to catch up with True Blood star Joe Manganiello and he dished some info on the upcoming installment of the series. He told Access that he will soon be cutting off his rocker-like hair in order to go back to work on True Blood this week. Wait, what?! This week? That must mean… yes, True Blood has begun filming for Season 6, which is also set to premiere this summer. According to Manganiello, he has read the first few scripts and explains them as being “pretty wild”.

Here are excerpts taken from Access Hollywood’s article:

“[It’s] racier,” he said. “My character’s taken over the wolf pack, so as an alpha, and a pack of dogs, you gotta regulate, you gotta set it straight with everybody so there’s some violence. It’ll be fun.”

“This is Season 6 and the first couple scripts I read – I think they’re doing a lot of stuff that they maybe held back on the past couple years,” he told Access. “They’re pretty wild. I think it’s going to be a pretty wild season.”

“Wednesday night I start shooting, so I really hope it warms up by then or it’s going to be a really tough night,” he laughed.

Author’s Note: So, what do you think fans? Will next season finally bring the madness of True Blood to a conclusion? Or will it be the same old storyline that has been driving away fans for the past few seasons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Keep it going, im a freshman im college and after a hard day at school I watch my favorite show go true blood PS Jessica and hoyt are my favorite characters =)

Is it wrong of me to say that the reason I have now started watching True Blood is solely because of Joe Manganiello?!

It may be “wild” but is it going to be good? HBOWatch has already pondered if TRUE BLOOD has ‘jumped the shark.’ I hope for a more solid Season 6.

I think they already jumped the shark with season 5. In my humble opinion, it was terrible. Could have been amazing, but it was just awful.


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