Eastbound and Down Series Finale

By Jacob Klein on Apr 15, 2012 to Eastbound & Down

With Game of Thrones season 2 still dominating Sunday nights and HBO’s Girls premiering tonight there are many reasons for HBO fans to be happy. But some many feel an overwhelming sadness because also airing will be the Eastbound and Down series finale. Will Kenny Poweers bow out gracefully? We doubt it. Take a look at this video preview of the final episode of Eastbound and Down. Three seasons of huge laughs from a truly unique comedy.

Eastbound and Down, we’ll miss you! We hope to see Danny McBride on another HBO comedy some time in the future. We love that guy!

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So even though HBO announces the Series is over, it is still possible for eastbound to pick back up where it left off 2 years from now as the same series? I don’t recall ever seeing that happen in the past. I hope this is the case as this is my, as well as many of my friends, all time favorite show and it will be sorely missed!

It was the SEASON Finale, But with Danny Mcbribe having many other commitments, He did not sign the new season agreement. Eastbound and Down could still possible make a comeback in two years but as of right now the show seems to be over, Or maybe a HBO movie type deal could be made!

Yea Josh I noticed that too…. since I’m a fan, I already knew it was the season finale but you would think they would have advertised this as the series finale. Hmm – well it was a great show! it will be missed

why does hbo say season finale…and not series finALE?? Has anyone noted this?


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