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This Just in: More From George R. R. Martin

by Jef Dinsmore
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GeorgeRRMartinYes, we know George R. R. Martin as the man who put pen to paper to fashion The Song of Fire and Ice series of novels. We also know that they are now being retold
on HBO as the acclaimed series GAME OF THRONES. We also know that Mr. Martin serves as a creative consultant, executive producer and even occasional screenwriter for the series. But, that is not enough.

The master storyteller has now signed a two-year contract deal with HBO. What does that mean? It means he can develop and produce new series for the premium network. That, of course means more dramatic entertainment from this newly appointed producer will hopefully be brought to life. I know, can you imagine?

Fevre-dreamIt is too early to say what projects may materialize out of this new agreement but, it will be fun to speculate a bit. Mr. Martin may come up with a fresh idea but that would take too long to flesh out. Better yet he can draw from the novels and story collections he has already written himself. For example, he could get behind a series of stories he created entitled The Tales of Dunk and Egg, which take place in Westeros before the story we know in GAME OF THRONES.

There are also novels like Fevre Dream (pictured at left) that tells of vampires on the Mississippi River during America’s antebellum period. It could be a companion to TRUE BLOOD or replace it when it concludes. Or there are other novels of his like Hunter’s Run and Dying of the Light, which takes place on the dying planet of Warlorn.

There have also been all but confirmed rumors of a screen adaptation of his [amazon_link id=”0765365073″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Wild Cards[/amazon_link] series though that was supposed to be on a different network and/or a motion picture.

This new deal could offer endless possibilities. HBOWatch will keep a close watch on what develops with HBO and George R. R. Martin.

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M.J. Snow February 6, 2013 - 2:23 pm

The more that I think about this, the more frustrated is makes me. Can’t he just focus on finishing the series? Will he ever really finish writing it at this rate?

Jacob Klein February 6, 2013 - 2:35 pm

What can I say the man lives life to the MAX! He’s out there signing fan’s books when he obviously doesn’t have to be doing that for the money these days. He doesn’t have to do that but he does! I think he likes being the King and that’s fine by me.

I do think he needs to focus on writing the books instead of writing other side projects unrelated to A Song of Ice and Fire. After he’s done he can do whatever he wants :)

Given his age and apparent health habits I just want to avoid a Robert Jordan situation. For the sake of the show, the phenomenon and all of Westeros.

Imagine if Tolkien never finished Return of The King. Yeah, chew on that for a while.

M.J. Snow February 6, 2013 - 9:56 pm

Robert Jordan is exactly what came to my mind when I read this news. Not that the thought hasn’t occurred to me in the past. I do have to say that I have been to two of GRRM’s book signings (for ASOS & ADWD) and he was lovely and gracious. Both times he gave a talk, answered questions, held court, it was great. I think it’s wonderful that he’s out there still communicating with his fans. I’ll be heartbroken, though, if he really doesn’t finish. The 6 years between books 4 & 5 were excruciating. He’ll never get his books out quickly, so I’ve got my fingers crossed he’s taking his vitamins!

Chuck Sollmann February 6, 2013 - 7:47 pm

Considering that it was almost 6 years between “A Feast for Crows” (Book 4) and “A Dance with Dragons” (Book 5), AND also given the fact that Mr. Martin has said that the “Song of Ice and Fire” series will now probably total 7 novels, I would say that we SHOULD be worried about another Robert Jordan situation! I guess we just have to hope he either cranks the novels out quickly (not likely with Mr. Martin), or that he hangs around for at least another 12 years!


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