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THE SOPRANOS Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

by Jef Dinsmore
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Baga Bing, Bada Boom, and how times fly. The iconic HBO series from David Chase is celebrating a milestone and Max wants to draw your attention to it. Via an official press release comes word of the honor.

Reunite with “The Family” of The Groundbreaking HBO Original Drama Series “The Sopranos” with an Exclusive 25th Anniversary Collection Now Streaming On Max

Fans are invited to experience The Sopranos like never before as Max celebrates the legendary HBO Original series’ 25th anniversary. The streamer has dropped never-before-seen deleted footage and expanded access to behind-the-scenes content within the new, in-app Sopranos 25th Anniversary collection. The milestone celebration continues Wednesday, January 10th, with a cast reunion and fan experiences, including a partnership with Postmates for an official “Satriale’s” pop-up in New York and Los Angeles, fan screenings at Alamo Drafthouse, and more. Additionally, the brand has launched a new official Sopranos TikTok account to pay homage to the series, where fans can relive each episode in 25-seconds.


So, if you are eager for a deep-delve into THE SOPRANOS like no other then here is the opportunity. The Sopranos25-Funkocollection includes 15 deleted scenes, three of which have never been released. It will also include over five hours of behind-the-scenes featurette content. Plus, Max is partnering with Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler for a special 25th Anniversary edition of their podcast, “Not Today, Pal.” They’ll reminisce about their roles as Meadow and AJ on the show and answer questions from fans. The full episode will be available on January 18 via the HBO YouTube channel and all major podcast platforms. And if you want to get ridiculous over it all head over to the HBO Shop, in NYC or online, for special knick-knacks.

As for me, I wish I had time to watch the whole run of the show for the fourth time.  For now, I‘ll settle for a YouTube clip or two and those deleted scenes. For starters, you can meet the capos and witness the greatest whackjobs. What a way to relive the show! Note regarding those deleted bits; they are whole scenes edited out at the time for pacing and time issues or because Chase just felt they didn’t resonate for whatever reason. They are fun to watch!  


From the beginning…

To the end…

It is worth it as one of HBO’s best.

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