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TALKING SOPRANOS Podcast Arrives on Max!

by Jef Dinsmore
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TalkingSopranosIf you don’t follow podcasts you might not know that a number of HBO series have accompanying audio commentary. Recent works like THE LAST OF US and WHITE HOUSE PLUMBERS have had such audio commentary and there are more to come. One classic series that has gotten a podcast series is THE SOPRANOS and that curated list of conversations is now available on Max. So, you can rewatch the series and follow up with the podcast about each and every episode for a total of 91 installments.But there are two ways to enjoy this series. You can either listen to the original audio podcasts or you can see an enhanced video version of the conversation right on Max. First a look at the audio version, which can be found here.  

PR states, Michael Imperioli (who played Christopher Moltisanti in the crime drama) and Steve Schirripa (Robert “Bobby Bacala” Baccalieri in the crime drama) host the podcast, the definitive Sopranos re-watch podcast. Michael and Steve followed the series episode by episode giving fans all the inside info, behind-the-scenes stories, and little-known facts that could only come from someone on the inside. The audio show also features interviews with additional cast members, producers, writers, production crew, and special guests. Along with talking about the Sopranos, Michael and Steve will also share candid conversations about the entertainment business, their friendship, and all the folks they’ve met along the way. This is a must-listen for all Sopranos fans.

But a recent announcement from the hosts draws attention to the video version, which can also be found on YouTube. However, having it right there easily accessible on Max along with the episode makes it easier to immerse in the series all over again and in a new way with Michael & Steve giving their insight. 

Are you interested in hearing about how the youngsters (Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Robert Iler) learned their craft on set? How about hearing writer Terence Winters’ take on favored episodes? Or hearing of special moments with the show from the women, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, and Aida Turturro? How about further insight into the awesome “The Pine Barrens” from Season Three or expounding on the deaths of Christopher Moltisanti and Adrianna Le Cera (Drea de Matteo) among many others? Great guests will surely be mentioned like Steve Buscemi’s Tony B and Joe Pantoliano’s Ralph Cifaretto. Plus, a great conversation about the infamous blackout in the finale cannot be missed. Discover it all with TALKING SOPRANOS on Max.    

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