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Is There a Chance of a ‘THE SOPRANOS’ Prequel Series?

We are only raising the question because HBO, more specifically President of Programming Casey Bloys, brought it up first. As we know THE SOPRANO prequel movie, The Many Saints of Newark, is in the works and projected for a Fall 2020 release. The work focuses on Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola), a mentor to young Tony as his own father, Johnny Boy, was grooming his son on a pathway to organized crime prominence. There are expected to be call-backs and shout-outs to numerous other series characters in the film, which is set in the earlier time period. Standing out of course is young Tony Soprano played by Michael Gandolfini. But, just to give you a fresh look at all that information check out this IMDB Original:  

But that says nothing towards answering the title question above. Well, if the Mob movie does well in the Box Office that might propel creator David Chase to consider a return to a SOPRANOS series for HBO. He has not, however, made a statement to that regard and, if fact, during the observance of THE SOPRANOS’ 20th anniversary he declared that there was no need to explore that family’s story any further. I agree, as far as moving forward; it ended with a Fade To Black. But now the missing years, the younger years could be turned into a series. Michael Gandolfini could make it go under David Chase. But, do we really need it too? I love THE SOPRANOS just the way it was. Do you? I’d only go for the ride if it were David Chase in control.  

Casey Bloys simply threw out this thought – 

“I keep saying ‘never say never’. There are no plans, there is no discussions about it, but (Michael) is a really good actor, we had him on THE DEUCE. There is nothing on the table at the moment but I will stay open.”   

I don’t know about ‘never say never’ but how about ‘don’t stop believing.’ 

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