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THE SHOP: S4Ep3 Review

by Jef Dinsmore
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Our usual writer on this title is at ease right now so, I have the opportunity to give my two cents worth about THE SHOP. In this latest edition, Maverick Carter is joined by NBA All-Star Trae Young; Grammy-winner DJ Khaled; rapper, songwriter and activist Meek Mill; NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year Chase Young; journalist Jemele Hill; and Paul Rivera. LeBron James sits out on this session.  

Khaled did the most talking this time around but Hill also had a lot to say. And I was thrown back a bit by some referencing Khaled used. I’ll touch on that in a moment. First, let me point out that I have not seen most of the installments but enough to familiarize myself with the series. The group assembled this time pretty much talked about the topics this show always talks about regardless of the faces in the seats. This group discussed competing against your idols, dealing with conflict, creating leverage, and their drive to succeed. Sorry, but this conversation has been had and clearly, this show isn’t meant for me because none of these folks, fine as they are, are idols, mentors, or influences to me.  

TheShopLogoThis leads me to Khaled’s comments. He expressed his love of THE SHOP’s format, which is fine because it reaches an audience that needs to hear the life lessons told there and the positive tips that are expressed. They talk heavily of positivity, sticking to your goals, having the drive to succeed, being compelled to do better and never forgetting what it took to, and who helped you, get there and, lastly, that you are born great. Yes, I concur that those are awesome motivational messages. I’m not arguing that that the show offers such sage advice from these people. What baffles me is, is THE SHOP really reaching the easily influenced with this pitch?  

Who is this show for? This show is not targeted for youth; this show is not children’s programming teaching positivity like SESAME STREET would. This is achievers passing on to the fan base who watch their sports careers or listen to their music on how they got where they are. If that is inspirational to someone then great, but I fail to see the benefit of it. The show seems to be able to continue the conversation so, have at it.  

This third episode of the season dropped on Friday, July 30 and plays across HBO’s platforms. Hope for the usual writer to be able to take up the next installment for he seems to enjoy it more than I.   

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