The BAND OF BROTHERS/THE PACIFIC Companion Piece Not Called “The Mighty Eighth” According to Screenwriter

People_JohnOrloff-300x300Fans have been eagerly waiting for the third installment of the set of HBO miniseries that have told of the brave and action-packed missions of heroic veterans of World War II that began with BAND OF BROTHERS and continued with THE PACIFIC.

The third title is to focus on the valued contributions of the above-the-ground air forces during the war. As we have previously noted, the source material for this work is Donald L. Miller’s “Masters of the Air.” Somewhere along the lines the title “The Mighty Eighth” stuck as it was a noted squadron just as BAND OF BROTHERS’ Easy Company was a noted unit. We have had little confirmation of the progress of the next miniseries until now that gives us a bit of clarification on the matter.

HBOWatch has had a bit of correspondence with the screenwriter behind the project. He is John Orloff (pictured). Mr. Orloff was one of seven writers credited for BAND OF BROTHERS (but didn’t write for THE PACIFIC) and is now the sole writer for the anticipated companion piece. Regarding the title of the project he told us:



Since this brief Twitter exchange we have found the following insight:



So, until further notice, the title reverts back to MASTERS OF THE AIR. Evidently the last words to be written will be the official title. Also, we learn what is taking so long. John Orloff informs us via an onsite comment that he is writing the screenplay himself.   



750-800 pages worth is a lot for one man to write don’t you think? It takes time and as we say around here you can’t rush quality. You take your time John Orloff and we will pay attention for any future progress on MASTERS OF THE AIR. We are looking forward to Playtone’s production of your work recalling and honoring the masters of the air that defended the civilians and the lands below.

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