The website NME is the only site out there reporting that THE MIGHTY EIGHTH miniseries is moving along. This, of course, is good news (if valid) as HBO fans have been waiting quite a long while for this companion piece to BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACIFIC. The work, helmed by Tom Hanks’ Playtone, will be about the US Eighth Air Force’s bombing raids over Nazi Germany. It is another moment in the epic telling of WWII campaigns that Playtone has been chronicling, but it is taking far too long to get made for many eager fans.

How does the site know of this development? Well, it seems that a movie entitled Magpie was shooting on location at Horham’s Red Feather Club in Suffolk, England. They were interrupted by people claiming to be the writing team of the THE MIGHTY EIGHTH script and that they were out and about scouting filming locations. The moment was captured for Twitter:


Now, I don’t claim to be knowledgeable of cinematic production procedures or have the habit of calling anyone out as a liar, but one notion trips me up about this posting. It states that “writers” from THE MIGHTY EIGHTH showed up. That leads you to believe that the screenwriters responsible for the ten scripts were touring around U. K. & Europe getting background information. I say, holy hell, this has been in development since 2012 and we are just now getting this type of information? Damn.

My real red flag about this, though, is that I thought producers and/or location scouts checked out potential sites for on-location shooting. You can’t tell me writers needed to see the GAME OF THRONES or DEADWOOD locales before they started writing? I realize the tone of THE MIGHTY EIGHTH is one of historical accuracy, but shouldn’t this project be at the point by now where they want to set up filming schedules? I guess that is just wishful thinking.

Apparently, MNE, and now us, have learned that the writing of this miniseries isn’t completed yet because writers would not be scouting film locations. So we still wait and quite frankly waiting too long. Yeah, I know practice what I preach – you can’t rush quality.   


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