Tarly Family Cast for “Game of Thrones” Season Six


“Game of Thrones” has cast three more characters for its upcoming season. Ever since the leak of casting calls earlier in the year, we have known that Samwell Tarly’s family would appearing in Season Six, but the details at to who would be playing them remained a mystery. When actor Ian McShane was cast for a role in Season Six, many speculated  that he could be playing Samwell’s intimidating, no-nonsense father. However, speculation has finally come to an end with the official announcement of who will be playing the Tarly family next year. On September 17th, HBO officially confirmed actor James Faulkner will be playing Samwell’s father, Randyll. Joining Faulkner will be the actress Samantha Spiro as Sam’s mother, and Rebecca Benson who will be playing Sam’s sister,Talla.  Fans were especially excited  for the casting of James Faulkner, whose intimidating visage, paired with his experience in shows such as Downton Abbey seemed to make him an excellent candidate for the role of Randyll Tarly. Samantha Spiro, who will be playing Sam’s gentle mother, is known for her roles on both television and the stage, and Rebecca Benson boasts similarly impressive credentials, despite her relatively young career. The newly cast actors are already filming in Spain, most likely joining actor Freddie Stroma who was already cast as Sam’s brother, Dickon. 


The appearance of the Tarly family in Season Six raises many questions. As the show explores territory not yet reached in the last A Song of Ice and Fire book published, one can only speculate as to why the characters will be introduced. Will Sam’s journey to Oldtown somehow reunite him with his family? If so, we can probably expect a less than warm welcome from his father, who many may recall exiled Sam to the Wall after his inability to meet his expectations. Of course, there is the possibility that the Tarlys will be introduced in a storyline completely separate from Sam’s, which leads to interesting speculation. House Tarly is one of the strongest Houses of the Reach sworn in allegiance to the Tyrells. Perhaps the difficulties that Margaery and Loras are facing in King’s Landing will bring their bannermen to their aid. At this point, all we can do is speculate, but no matter what form these new developments take, with such talented actors onboard, the storyline is sure to be interesting. 

As Season Six approaches, we may gain more insight into the Tarly’s part in the storyline. For now, we can only wait and watch. What do you think the Tarlys will be up to? Comment below!

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