Season Six Filming Reveals Battle Brewing in Northern Ireland


The North Remembers! “Game of Thrones” is currently filming in Northern Ireland, and thanks to leaked photos, we’re getting lots of tantalizing news about what will be happening in the North next Season.  If the leaked picture of a very alive Jon Snow wasn’t exciting enough, a second picture is even more titillatingly, if more subtly so. The picture, which was originally posted on the photo sharing site Imgur has been taken down, but the “Game of Thrones” news site, “Watchers on the Wall” managed to save a copy.  The image shows an army of several major Northern houses, bearing banners that those with eagle eyes and expert detective skills have determined to be those of House Stark, and House Mormont.

“Watchers on the Wall” also speculates that an obscured orange banner could belong to the Hornwoods, another Northern house. If a battle is taking place in the North, including several major Northern houses, the Boltons could finally be facing some much needed resistance this upcoming season. If one considers the fact that the leaked picture of Jon Snow showed him dressed in the Starks’ signature armor, rather than that of the Night’s Watch, one could speculate that Jon will be leading the Northerners against the Boltons. Of course, now that the show has out-paced George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, it is difficult to do anything but guess about the show’s upcoming plot, but given the clues we have, things are certainly looking promising. Will the Wildlings join into the fray? Will Sansa rally the men of the Vale to come to the aid of the North? Most importantly will be the Boltons finally finally suffer for their treachery and heinous war crimes? After the betrayal of Robb Stark, the torture of Theon Greyjoy, the rape of Sansa Stark, and the numerous, gruesome deaths of many, many people (not counting the rape and torture of countless others that also seems to follow Ramsay where ever he goes),  almost everyone has a reason to hate the Boltons. Let’s hope that Season Six will bring a satisfying end to the Bolton’s reign of terror.

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres as winter ends.

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