New Game of Thrones Season 5 Photos Emerge


With only twenty-eight days until Game of Thrones premieres, fans are anxiously awaiting a chance to see new and old characters in Season Five. While waiting for the show to start may be a test of patience, thanks to newly released photos of a multitude of characters from Season Five, fans can quest their thirst for new images from the set of Game of Thrones and even gain a few insights into what may be happening in the upcoming season.  A cache of professionally shot pictures were recently released on a Twitter account called Jon Snow  and with a large collection of new characters as well as well known ones, coupled with intricate costumes and sets, there’s something for everyone.

The photo-set features several pictures set in Dorne that offer closer looks at characters like Doran Martell, Areo Hotah, and Ellaria Sand. Dorne is a new location that we will visit in Season Five, and even from the pictures, one can see an opulence coupled with defiance that sets the Dornish apart from their neighbors to the South.

Moving on to King’s Landing, we see a smiling Tommen in a picture that seems to be a still from his wedding to Margaery Tyrell. Speaking of Margaery, there is a lovely shot of her featured in the collection–the Queen  looks beautiful despite her rather somber attire. There are also several shots of Jaime and Cersei at what appears to be Tywin’s funeral. Cersei’s mourning robes contrast sharply with Jaime’s armor, although we later see another shot of Jaime in more casual clothing– perhaps from when he visits Dorne.


Moving Northward, we get a look at Sansa Stark and the devious Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish at what appears to be a tourney. Sansa looks sullenly demure while Petyr looks quite pleased with himself. At the Wall, we get a good look at Jon Snow conversing with Mance Rayder and another cropped image in which he appears to be speaking with Stannis. We also get a stunning shot of Melisandre in the snow–a reminder of her new location at the Wall. It will be interesting to see Jon Snow and the Red Woman’s storyline come together this year.

The photoset moves from Westeros to several locations across the sea. First we briefly visit Braavos where we get a look at Arya–still in her soiled clothes from last season. Moving on to Essos, the photoset shows Varys, in richly threaded robes, looking rather grim. We also get a look at Greyworm and Daenerys. Daenerys appears perturbed, her white dress contrasting sharply with the dirty wall behind her. Those who have read the books know that Season Five will be full of conflict for Daenerys, but it’s still surprising to see the usually demure Khaleesi looking troubled.

It’s photos like these that get you even more excited for Season Five. Who are you most excited to see?


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